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Need help picking an intermediate ski for west coast

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Hi there. I've tried the search extensively, but haven't found advice that matches what I'm looking for. I'm 5'11", 190, and ski blue trails (I don't go off the trails), with the desire to move up to blacks. I ski on the west coast (just moved from the east), and am looking for a ski to match my abilities and take me a bit further.

I've been looking at Atomics mainly, in particular the C:9 in 170 cm, as well as the M:9, M:10, and R:10. I've heard both that the C:9 is too narrow for west coast snow and that it's perfect for west coast snow. The metrons seem more suited to the west coast, as they're wider, but I'm not sure which one or what size to get (from their calculator, I fall in between 171 and 164 for both the M9 and M10).

I'm also looking to get my girlfriend (5'5" and 125, of similar ability) new skis for xmas. Any help at all would be immensely appreciated.

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Re: Need help picking an intermediate ski for west coast

I'm 23, and don't like moguls btw. Any other info you'd need?

I'd realllly appreciate some help. Thanks!
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Dyanstar 4800 in an equivalnt size to what you are looking at. They ski sweet and are effortless to turn. Not much if you want to break over into more advanced skiing but will work for a none aggressive advanced level skier.

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the selection of skis available to an intermediate is astonishing.

I'd be VERY surprised if you weren't satisfied with 99% of the skis on the market for your ability level.

the real questions and hard choices will arise when you get beyond intermediate skiing and start to have serious specialization preferences.

for now, bask in the supernova of incredible choices... you almost could choose based upon Garanimals-style color matching.
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Thanks for the advice! I'm more concerned about what width/shape I should be looking for than brand. Given that I'm going to be purchasing off ebay though, would you have any specific recommendations from the skis that I listed? They seem to be in good supply, but the dynastar is unfortunately MIA . . .

Also, any ski ideas for my girlfriend? She's on the light side, so would a particular female specific set be best?

Thanks again
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Look into the K2 Omni 5.5 which replaces the Escape 5500. The 5500 has been the a great ski for intermediate western skiers hoping to improve their skills and start venturing off-piste. You can't beat the ski for its value, easy of use and performance range.
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Thanks for the advice on the k2. How about for my girlfriend, any ski ideas there?
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The K2 True Luv is the female version of the Omni 5.5. It would be worth looking into.
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Any other ideas for her? Also, what's wrong with the metrons for me? Are they too advanced?

I'd like to not have to buy another ski for at least 3 years or so, so something that can stay with me (or her for that matter) as we get comfortable skiiing the blacks regularly would be best.
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I checked out the true luv, but it's a little bit more than I was looking to spend. I've narrowed my choice for her down to these options:

Atomic C:9 W Puls 160cm $350
Fischer RX4 160cm $330
Volkl 320 Gamma 156cm $330
Rossignol Saphir Pulsion 1 160cm $210
Rossignol Bandit Womens 160cm $350
Atomic R:8 160cm $300
Head MPulse 7.70 160cm $240

Is there any one of these that would be particularly good for her/west coast ski conditions? Thanks again for all the help, just a little more advice and I'm set!
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Similar issue for me

I was wondering if I should get my wife something a little shorter and easier than her 170cm Salomon Axendo Lites, and she's 5'5", 120. My wife is a true blue intermediate, stays on groomers, prefers medium speed medium turns, hates bumps, and skis about 5-7 days/year. Which carver for her?

I've no idea which of the you listed are best for her, but would like to see some suggestions on what to have her demo. She probably only has patience to demo 2-3 pairs.
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C'mon, one quick recommendation? Pretty please? I'm trying to get them here by xmas, there's got to be someone out there who can shed some light on the skis I listed.
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How about a google Gmail account for anyone who responds? C'mon, I just need a little help here.
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