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boot flex

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what flexes are better for which kind of skiing?(racing, carving, bumps, free ride...) and which flex should different level skiiers use inside those catagories?

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First flex index is relative among brands , so brand x might not be the same as brand z.Next flex index means a lot based upon wieght and agressiveness , a 300lb beginer skier could over power a boot where a 98 lb advance skier could get great response.With todays skiis the lateral stiffness is the most important. As a rule the stiffer boots have been more the upper end and as result have more comlementary features. To look at the other end of the spectrum , the "soft" boots that have come out seem to start loseing it when you push them beyond blue cruiseing.Stiffer normaly means more responsive as long as you are strong enough to flex the boot through out its range
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Originally posted by Nick Thomas:

The worst thing you can have is a flex that suddenly stiffens up at some point. Nick
God that reminds me of some Rossi Course K's I had in the mid 90's. They stiffened up like a solid block of steel before they flexed and never relented. I swear my shins aged 20 years in the one season I owned them. Wretched things....I ended up burning them as a sacrifice to Ullr.

Not that I have any deep-seated issues going on or anything

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To me it is more important how progressive the flex of a boot is than how stiff it is. I (and many other skiers)love the feel of Raichle Flexons because the flex is wonderfully progressive - starting out fairly soft and gradually stiffening up as you lean further forward.

The worst thing you can have is a flex that suddenly stiffens up at some point. I do wonder if some of the people who want their boots stiffer do so because stiffening up the linear part of the flex means hitting the hard limit less often.

Flex is a very personal issue. After moving to touring boots I realised that I prefer a softer flex than high end downhill boots provide (although not quite as soft as the unmodified touring boots - a Flexon tongue retrofit sorted that).

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