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Greatest innovation: Boot inserts!

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What's the greatest recent innovation in the sport? Shaped skis? Dryer/warmer clothing? Helmets? Twintips? Nah ... CUSTOM FOOT BEDS! I went to the Ski Stop in Massachusetts, had custom inserts made for my boots ... they did other work with padding ni different areas, stance analysis, shims, etc. But MAN for the first time EVER, I was able to ski ALL WEEKEND without having to remove my boots. Two weeks ago I had to take them off three times ... before LUNCH. This weekend I took them off only once during the day, and I didn't even have to, I just felt like it. I am absolutedly stunned.

If you are in Mass area and need boot work: GO TO SKI STOP in Westwood. I can't believe how much they improved my experience!
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I'm glad you liked their work.
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man, i hope people keep coming around like that!

it makes all that work in the boot room worthwhile!
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I am going to send an email to The Ski Stop (like Sclase did). But PLEASE, if anyone has any significant boot discomfort, YOU MUST consider inserts. If they can get my feet out of the Iron Maden they were trapped in, then they can definately help you!
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Custom 'beds are a must for any skier who goes out more than a couple times each month. Aside from the fact that they're extremely instrumental in correcting any knee alignment issues forced on them by the boots (I went 2 hours one day without 'em and my knees were screaming), they allow a skier to properly control the boot, and thusly, the ski with greater skill and ease.

I'm to the point where I go skiing, then at the end of the day, slip my beds into my street shoes, and wear 'em all week long, then put 'em back in the boots come the weekend. I've been on the set for almost a full 2 years now. WELL worth the money!!
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Flame suit on. I don't use footbeds. I have blessed with good feet, I have little if no pronation/supnation (sp?). The Thermoflex liner leaves little or no room for a custom bed, I do not have room for a ski sock, so i just wear a liner. In a perfect world, is a bed better? Probably, I am willing sacrifice that 4% that I am loosing.
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I just got my footbeds today! My lovely lady got me them for x-mas...what a sweety

Can't wait to try em'.
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