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Cupolos No longer a registered Ebay User

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http://contact.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ReturnUserIdHistory&requested=cupolo sportssale
I'd like to hear how they are going to explain this? They decided to terminate their ebay account just to take care of the backlog of orders from last week?
While they're at it they can explain when they plan to ship my order from 11/24.
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From Ebay's FAQ:

Someone who left me feedback is "not a registered user." What does this mean?
A registered user's status may change if they ask to cancel their membership or if they're suspended from trading on eBay. If this occurs, there will be no changes to your feedback rating or to the comments left by that user when they were registered.
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A couple of people leaving feedback for them linked a web page that has been set up. Not very flattering to say the least. The comments on the website and in their feedback sure echo a lot of the comments that have been made around here. I'm sure there is a rebuttal for it though. That's the one thing they seem to put energy into.
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With so much negative feedback, maybe they're going to try and start all over again with a new name. Nothing stopping them from doing that, unless eBay banned them (which is very doubtful, due to big $$$ for eBay). And they probably have nothing to lose at this point. Once you get that much negative feedback, it hurts, and is tough to get rid of.

If they get their act back together, they could probably resurrect themselves pretty quickly with the volume they sell.
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My ebay order from 11/28 shipped on 12/3. Maybe I'm lucky, but so far there is nothing about Cupolos for me to complain about.

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Well I won something on the 29th, called them to make sure everything was ok with the order. Sure, no problem they say. After not hearing anything for 2 days I sent an email - sure you'll get your tracking info tomorrow - that's when it will be shipping. Tomorrow was last Wednesday & I've heard absolutily nothing.

I'm not feeling too good about this one.
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I still haven't heard anything about my order. This is really annoying. Luckily I opted to pay directly through CC - much easier to deal with than paypal.
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My Atomic SX 614 bindings that were won at Cupolos Ebay auction ($79.00) on Nov. 26 and were shipped on Nov. 30th arrived today on December 7. New bindings in a new box. Perfect condition. Arrived by FedEx Ground.

However, they lost the race with Apple Computer. I order a custom ibook on November 26th. It was shipped the 29th from Taiwan and arrived in Seattle on December 2nd. Not bad.

I have bought skis and bindings from Cupolos this year and from Evogear.com and from my local ski store at full retail (Rossi B3 158cm). Just happy to spead the business around.

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From what I have heard, once they are done shipping all of their orders, they are through on ebay. First ebay is not happy with them at all. They do not live up to the ebay standard for service and have tons of negative feedback. secondly, most of the manufactures have shut Cuppolos down. So even if Cuppolos gets back on ebay, they will not have any product to sell. Oh well, now you have to go to your local retailer. It is much better for the ski industry as well.
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Jonny, Did they send you shipping/tracking info or did the stuff just show up with no communication from them?
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Here is a copy of the email they sent me on November 30th.

From:"ebay.cupolos@cogeco.net" <ebay.cupolos@cogeco.net>**
Subject:Your item has been shipped for Item # 7116478851 - ATOMIC SX 614 Ski Bindings,Brand NEW in Box-Blk/Grn
Date:Tue, 30 Nov 2004 08:36:42 -0500

Hi, we have shipped your eBay Item # 7116478851.
ATOMIC SX 614 Ski Bindings,Brand NEW in Box-Blk/Grn
You can track your order using the tracking number below @

Thank you !

Cupolo's Sports

Maybe I got mine quickly because my Sicilian cousins offered to "help" Cupolo's with any shipping problems. They also wanted to make sure that nobody got hurt at the office or that the shop didn't have a fire. What a family.

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Well, Ive gotten no email, but they have finally charged my CC, so I'm hoping to see some skis soon.
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Skis finally came yesterday and look sweet. I guess for $300 for Omecarve 9's with bindings I can't complain too much that it took nearly 3 weeks to get here. If hunter gets snow I may be there this Thursday.
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New to this forum, but just offered my experiences with Cupolo on a thread on the Ski Swap Buy / Sell Gear forum as a reply to a Cupolo customer's bad experiences.

My latest - A Cupolo sale concluded Nov 29 for bindings which arrived within 1 week. The tracking number e-mail arrived the next day!

Cupolo is still A+++ with me! Maybe I've been lucky ?
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Same here. I ordered bindings and I was expecting to wait about 3 weeks or so. They came in a week and a half.

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don't hold your breath on getting your order from Jay

I purchased boots (Salomon Crossmax 10) via an ebay auction which ended September 12. The money (payment) was taken from my paypal account, however I never recieved my purchase. After contacting cupolos sports I was informed that they had sold my purchase???? and that I would be given the 2005 version when they recieved their lange shipment. Well, months have passed, they have recieved their shipment and I have been given an unbelievable runaround of B.S. I have contacted the Jay several times. I have been told on several different occassions that the product will ship within the week and have never recieved it. As of recent, (last 3 weeks) Jay will not take my calls and will not return my messages.

Unimpressed Buyer
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When I started the thread>"Is Cupola in trouble? "< on Nov. 29 I was told that I may not get my bindings and also not to worry, they'll get here...surprise, by Dec. 7 they arrived, but when I tried to leave feedback on ebay it said they were no longer there.

So I'm not unhappy with them, but I do count myself lucky in the face of all the warnings.

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As I read through the complaints on that linked page, I found some of the testimonies challenging. Make sure you read this page and take action if you think it appropriate. I did.
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horrible service

I just wanted to let any future purchaser or current (backlogged) purchaser.... that Cupolos is ridiculous.. they have taken advantage of the 30 day paypal window by (not having to provide purchasers w/ their purchase..... by giving you a lot of ********) I purchased a pair of salomon cross max 10 boot on Sep. 12 .. after not recieving my purchase after 3 weeks i contacted Jay (owner)at Cupolos. I was informed (and given no reason) that my boots were already sold; however, Cupolos had no problem taking my money from my Paypal account. I was told that they would provide me w/ the 2005 version (virtually the same) when they became available. I contacted them several times during the month of October and was ultimatley told that my boots would be shipped "within the week" several times. Well, needless to say, I never recieved my boots and then proceeded to call Jay every day for 4 weeks (Nov 17-->) I was finally informed today(Dec. 18) that my boots were enroute.... and that I was beign sent a size 31 (13.5) ...(I purchased and where a size 12)... so several socks I assume are supposed to provide the remedy.. Furthermore, I was told repeatedly that Jay was not available... However, after I called from a different number was able to get in contact w/ him. Overall, this has been the worst business transaction I have ever been affiliated w/.. and was informed that a possible class action was pending involving Cupolos. Anyone that would like further information regarding the Class Action or has not recieved their product from Cupolos can contact me.

Sincerely... a pissed off FORMER customer,
Ryan Blood... rtb1@pitt.edu
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