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Taking the plunge...

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Well, got through the new hire clinic and it looks like I'll be on this year. Something I've wanted to do for a long time. As a new and very part-time instructor I know be paying my dues for some time.

Part of me thinks I'm crazy to be spending my weekends and holidays teaching kids how to wedge when I could be be freeskiing but I'm thinking that improvment to my own skills and the enjoyment of helping other people learn to ski will make up for it. Cetainly not doing it for the $8 an hour they pay new instructors. For people who have done PT work, is it worth it?

(Though I'm kind of learning in life that often that isn't a question worth asking. It is your attitude toward what you are doing more than what you are doing that matters.)

I must say that one thing that has really turned my enthusiasm up a notch is the professionalism and good-naturedness of the school staff.
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Great news, good luck!!

Can I ask which resort?
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Lodro, there is no turning back now, you are hooked for life...

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Good job and best wishes.

You will come to learn how much you will grow, how much your understanding will expand and how your love for our sport will increase.
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Lordo I went into ski instruction under the same pretenses as you. What started out that way has evolved. I am now much more into the teaching aspect than the skiing aspect. To really answer your question, what you see will not be what you get down the road. Your attitude will determine your road.

My skiing took quantum leaps but conveying that information to others has been a far greater challenge than my own skiing. This year I am probably 97% into teaching improvement and 3% into skiing improvement.
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Congratulations! You asked is "Is it worth it?"
For the majority who get hired, they will enjoy it but be burned out within 3 years. When you can turn the "the work is hard" into "many challenges" and "the pay is low" into "the rewards are great", you will be one of the few who don't hit the "that was fun, but I've had enough" stage.

BTW - when all of you knows that you are crazy, you will no longer be a rookie.
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Thanks everyone! Coach, all of the i's still need dotted but it'll be at The Canyons.
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Lodro, Please give my regards to Rick Hodas and Chip Loring. Both are really great guys. Rick was my first director and is the person whose influence has kept me teaching for the past 24 years. I imagine Chip is a terrific supervisor because his ego travels so lightly and he really cares.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy being one of the few, the proud, the people with a certifiably fun job.
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