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Dynastar Legend 8000 length

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I am getting a pair of Dynastar Legend 8000s and interested in feedback on length. They will be used as my western ski only.

6'1", 195lbs, 60+, expert skier. Ski powder when available, avoid bumps (bad knees and old age), and ski some steeps. Mostly fast cruising.

Currently ski Volkl 5 stars (182cm) and new Atomic SX11s (170cm).

What length, 178 or 184?
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Legend Length

Not sure how much this will help but.... I just bought the Legend 8000 in 178.
Previous ski was the K2 Axis at 182cm.

I ski primarily at Telluride but got 2 good powder days in Utah (16-24"). These are fantastic powder skis. They immediately made me a better powder skier and I had an absolute blast on them. I had to fight to keep the tips of my old K2's floating but the Legends just go. For the first time I could just enjoy powder skiing! It is tough to get the tips to dive.

They do a great job handling cut up snow and crud as well which surprised me a bit given their light weight. I cranked them up pretty good today in packed powder, icy conditions and had no problems. They gripped well and had no problems at speed. These skis are every bit as good on the groomed as my old K2's but 300% better in the crud and powder.

I am having a love affair with these skis and for me 178 was the right choice.

Advanced skier

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Skied the Legend 8000 twice, both time in eastern 'hardpack' conditions. I'm 53, 5'11" and weigh in at 165lbs. I've put in over 60 days a year for the past ten years or so, can ski fairly well. I have Salomon extra hots in a 165 and just bought the legend in the same length. I found the ski to be damper than the extra hot, more stable at speed with much better edge hold. I do not ski slow. I reccommend the smaller length, especially if you ski in the trees or other tight places. Again go smaller, you can really enjoy what the ski has to offer when you can throw all your weight into a turn and have it follow through, all the way through the turn. I purposely straightlined the ski down the fall line of a rolling expert run today. Just turned to maximize speed down the rollers, no problem with chatter or squirellylishness. Again I do not ski slow. Also, in the past, I've had really good results with the customer service department at dynastar, they are a skiers company. Great ski, go smaller.
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Thanks for the feedback. I have been leaning toward getting the 178s and appreciate the feedback.
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