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Atomic GSX

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Can anyone tell me anything about this ski? I've heard it is a hybrid between the GS models and the SX models. Then, I was told it was simply the SX-11 with a new top-skin. The GSX is not in the current Atomic catalog and a call to Atomic in NJ got me nowhere... yet I keep hearing about it. Anyone got the inside on this? It seems like the perfect Master's GS ski. All info is much appreciated.
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Gsx F/u

The GSX was a race dept 17m GS ski from Atomic made last year intended for strong J4-3s and masters racers as a step down from their full on FIS GS ski and a significant step up from their in line ( consumer) GS ski. It came in a variety of flexes....all with a FIS base but with more or less std beta construction ( vs. vertical sidewall, etc FIS skis). It was more shaped , and when set up correctly, faster than the usual Atomic GS. This years (current) in line GS ski is a defanged version of the GSX.
My J3 son had a pair as did I...they're a hoot...and you can find the occasional pair at dealers who have access to Atomics race product...but be careful...check the flexes...there's a reason in some cases why those pairs didn't end up on the hill.

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Great info, tbird!
You mean the occasinal pairs available were too soft or too stiff?
Are the dimensions the same as this year´s retail GS:11?
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