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Gotta love this typo...

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This is an excerpt from today's NOAA forecast for Jackson Hole. Check out the new snow accumulation prediction for Monday.

I know it's just a typo mistake, but reading it is kind of like fantasizing about winning the $300 million lottery.

************************************************** ******

Today: A 10 percent chance of snow showers after noon. Mostly cloudy, with a temperature rising to near 25 by 1pm, then falling to around 18 during the remainder of the day. South southwest wind around 17 mph, with gusts as high as 30 mph.

Tonight: A 10 percent chance of snow showers. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 3. Wind chill values between -10 and -1. South wind 7 to 16 mph becoming northeast. Winds could gust as high as 28 mph.

Monday: A 30 percent chance of snow. Mostly cloudy, with a high around 25. Wind chill values between -8 and 2. North northwest wind between 8 and 13 mph. New snow accumulation of 75 to 81 inches possible.

************************************************** ********

Y'all have a great day.

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Man, I hope I can get a good deal on a last minute plane ticket!
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I like that forcast Bob what makes you think it is a typo? Don't you trust the weatherman? I have some new powder skis and i'm thinking that 75-81 inches of new would be a good float test.
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It just got better...

The National Weather Service typos continue.

The latest Jackson forecast is calling for 193 to 211 inches of snow possible over the next 36 hours. :

http://www.crh.noaa.gov/ifps/MapClick.php?MapType=3&site=RIW&CiTemplate=1&map.x =35&map.y=117


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I guess we all have to go now and save... Bob Peters! Hey BOB! Can you still hear me through all that snow?!
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JHMR did a similar thing with their daily snow report. It showed the temp. in place of inches. What's with Wyoming and their snow reporting? Maybe just being hopeful"This morning, our emailed snow report contained the temperature numbers in the field where our snowfall numbers should have been. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Below are the correct numbers for both:

New Snow in the Last 24 Hours:

0" (0cm) at the Summit and 0" (0cm) Mid-Mountain


6°F (-14°C) at the Summit, 13°F (-11°C) Mid-Mountain, 19°F (-7°C) at the Base"

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Bridger Bowl must be in the same zone of improbability: yesterday's ski report hopefully stated a base of 357 inches.
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