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Help needed for dated racer

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I would like to start out by sayign that this could be the greatest ski site ever! I love it!

A little about me, I am a 5'9, 165lb, better than average skier.

Here is my situation. Im currently looking to get a new pair of skiis, my first shaped/parabolic ski. I havnt bought new skis for 6 years and all I have ever had is SL racing skiis. Needless to say, I dont race anymore but Im looking for a good performance ski that will all me to conquer all areas of a mountain as well as the occasional Nastar race. This will be my first pair of shaped skiis so I need some reccomendations. Right now I ski a Rossignol 9S 190cm (older straight ski). I have been looking at the Dynastar Omecarve series, but I dont know if they would be a good fit for what I need. And I also dont have a clue on what size to buy. Please help me out if you have any suggestions.
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170 sounds like your length to me in most ski models.

There are a LOT of great skis out there. I've found the Atomic C:9 to be a really good ski and you can pickup last year's model for the low $300's with bindings.

Have fun - you're going to love the new skis!
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The omecarves are great skis from what i hear. I have skied the omeglass 64 and the new 63 slalom, and they are both buttery smooth with respeciable edgehold. I would definitely recommend them. I'm not sure how old you are but, my dad is in his mid forties and we are considering getting him either the omecarve 9 or omecarve 10 in a 165 or 158. He is slightly lighter than you are but is fairly in tune with modern technique. You should be fine on the 165 in either ski, but probably would benefit from the 10 due to your heavier weight, and being that you just came from stright skis. Also, this might not be the advice you were looking to get, but take a lesson with a high level instructor at your local area and start working on modern technique. It will definitely make your skiing experience on new skis much more enjoyable. Being a former racer you should pick it up very quickly, and be carving arcs in no time.
Good luck with the new skis!
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