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Ski Replacement Suggestions

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Looking to replace my P50 Platinums with something a little more versatile. I'm 5'9" 225, Advanced skier, who skis 80% on piste. I like to ski at relatively fast rate of speed preferring to cruise groomed blacks and blues while avoiding the bumps. I would like my new ski to handle longer GS style turns at speed but still be able to snap off shorter turns without great effort or arguement. I would also like to be able to take it off into the woods now and again and be able to handle moderate crud. Most importantly it needs to have good edgehold to handle Whiteface's famed blue ice (aka: machined groomed hardpack). Not asking much, am I ???

At this point I'm leaning towards the Dynastar Skicross 10 in an 170 as I've had the chance to ski it and really liked it's quickness and edgehold. I'm also interested in trying as a comparision, the Atomic SX10 or SX9 or possibily the Metron M:10 or M:11. Not sure how they compare however as I haven't had a chance to demo these yet?

I'm looking for info on the Atomics or how they compare to the Skicross 10. Also if anyone has suggestions for comparable skis or skis which fit the above needs, please advise.
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Your ski level and preferences sound very, very similar to mine. I also ski primarily on the East Coast, although I refuse to do "Iceface" anymore .

After some relatively extensive demoing, I decided on the Dynastar Skicross 9 although I liked the SC10 because of the reasons you stated (quickness edge to edge, hold, stabiliy at speed). The only reason I went with the SC9 is because of my lightweight (5'6", 160) and because I want to get better in the bumps. If I was your height and weight, I would also get the SC10 in 170 especially if you plan to still avoid moguls.

I narrowed my choices to the Volkl 5 Star and the SC before getting the SC9. Personally, I thought the strengths of the SC and the 5 Star were quite similar. Although I haven't skied it yet, the additions to this year's 5 Star should make it an even better East Coast ski compared to last year's model. If you plan to avoid bumps, I would consider the 6 Star (at 168) over the 5 Star.

I think the SX10 is a fantastic carving/all-mountain ski and worth considering especially if you don't ski powder higher than your boot. Initiates turns easily, quick edge to edge, makes a variety of turn sizes easily. I didn't think it went straight as well as the Dynastars, but it could have been the tune. Plus, none of the shaped skis go straight that well anymore. No experience with the SX9, but if you place a premium on GS speed and you still plan to avoid bumps I would stick with the SX10.

I have no experience with the M:10 or M:11. They are pretty wide at the midfoot (74mm and 76mm, respectively), but they both have small (desirable) turn radii so they might be pretty versatile.

You really need to demo a couple of choices to find the best fit for you. For me, the Dynastar Skicross won out. Good luck with the search.
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Swan, Sorry that you've soured on Iceface. I ski there during the week or early AM on the weekends. When there is no crowds, it's a great mountain to cruise. Just finish before the moving land mines make their way out of the lodge and on to the hill. Ski the snow off and leave them with the ice.

What did you find as the major differences between the 9 and 10. Also how much stiffer did you find the 5* vs the SC10? Interested in your comment on the 6* over the 5*. Why so?

I can get deals on the 5 or 6*, Dynastars and the Atomics, so I've kind of narrowed my search to those brands. Demo days are hard to find but may be able to catch the 12/9 demo day at Gore and try them all.
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Hey Walrisss. "moving land mines", HA. Funny! I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to steal that saying as my own now. No, I haven't heard it before.

The SC 9 and 10 have identical dimensions, sidecuts and design. The only difference for me was the flex and the flex of the Autodrive plate. They both had even flex characteristics but the SC 10 is noticeably stiffer. The plate on the SC10 is also a bit stiffer than the plate on the SC9. I thought they were both excellent, versatile, carving, all-purpose skis for those that spend more of the time on the frontside. Because of the difference in stiffness, the SC9 was more forgiving than the SC10 (better in bumps) and the SC10 a great high speed groomer ski. You won't have trouble bending either ski with your weight so I would give the SC10 the first look, along with the 6*.

I didn't mean to imply the 5* was stiffer than the SC10. The SC10 is stiffer than the '03-'04 5*. I thought the SC9 and the 5* were similar in stiffness. In my mind, the SC9 is the Dynastar equivalent of the 5* and the SC10 the equivalent of the 6*.

A stiffer ski makes mogul skiing tougher. A damp stiffer ski gives better stability at speed. For me, I considered the SC9/5* over the SC10/6* because I want to learn to attack moguls better and because I am relatively lightweight. Because you seemed comfortable avoiding bumps and because of your size, my initial thought is the SC10/6* would be the better first demos.

Good luck demoing. You need to find the right ski for you, regardless of what the reviews and other people say. I think you narrowed down to a great list of choices, and actually choices I considered (with our similar terrain preferences).
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Volkl Supersport 6 star would be your best option. Go to whiteface, thats whats everyones on.

Do yourself a favor and buy the best.
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The Volkl 6* isn't the "best" ski. That's silliness, and shows a lack of equipment knowledge and ski experience. There aren't really any poorly made skis anymore, just poorly matched choices to the user. The ideal is to demo a couple of different choices and find one that works best for the individual. Everyone will have a different top choice based on height, weight, level, fitness, terrain, style preferences, etc.

You can buy a ski because that is what everyone is on (on Whiteface?! Whistler, Snowbird or Squaw, maybe.). For me, I prefer to buy one because it skied the "best" (based on my criteria). As Jim S eloquently stated in an old thread, "the Ford Taurus is one of the best selling cars in America. I don't want one." My favorite car is the Aston Martin DB9 Volante, an unpopular car in terms of sales (the $170,000 price probably a big reason why). I'd still take it every time over the Taurus.

Especially in the NY Metro area, Volkl 5* and 6* is the current prestige, brand name ski. It's the ski to have in the white collar, professional, "thinks their advanced but really are skidding intermediates" set because of the graphics and reputation as advanced skis. It's mainly about image for them. I myself have recommended the 5* and 6* to a number of novice skiers over the past few years because they made it clear they were not going to demo and they needed something for their new ski house share. The 5*,especially, is a good choice off the rack because it will suit many people from early intermediates to advanced skiers. Still, doesn't make it the "best" ski.

The 5* and 6* are excellent skis and by all means he should include it in his demos. The idea is to try out a couple of different choices and find the one that is excellent for him.
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Originally Posted by walriss
I can get deals on the 5 or 6*, Dynastars and the Atomics, so I've kind of narrowed my search to those brands. Demo days are hard to find but may be able to catch the 12/9 demo day at Gore and try them all.
The 5* and 6* are really nice, but get on the Metron b5s in a 162 or maybe even 172 given your weight (although you'll find the 162 quite stable and fun, I think). I think you'll find it amazingly versatile, even for upstate areas. I know that I've picked it as one of my two primary skis for that reason...
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