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Advice needed - PE's, Seths or Mad Trix?

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I've got down to a (long) shortlist of skis to buy for this and the next few seasons. Thinking of either K2 Public Enemies or Seth Pistols, Head Mad Trix or Mad Trix Mojo, Volkl Karma or Rossi B2s. When I worked the season a few years ago in Val d'Isere I skied Bandit XXs and really enjoyed them - plenty of snap in the shorter turns on the hard pack but reasonably good in the deeper stuff too- but wouldn't mind something a bit less conservative. I've only got space and money for one set of skis so need them to be good on- and off-piste, probably doing about 50-50, but more important that they perform off-. I don't need them to be great in the park, but they do need to be ok switch and jumping. Present favourite is probably the Seths but I'm a bit worried about their on-pite performance. Has anyone skied on any of the above? Any advice gratefully received, together with a description of what sort of skier you are.

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The PEs are like butter anywhere- I haven't found anywhere they dont excel. Havent tried them in deep pow yet, but I have no reason to believe they'll behave differntly in 4" of pow vs. 12". They eat up spring slush like no other ski I've been on, and they're stiff enough to blast straight through all but the gnarliest crud. Their edge hold on ice is suspect, but then again, all three of them are going to have mediochre performance on ice.

The Seths were sweet for the day I demoed them, and they were a lot of fun in the park, but they just felt too slow on groomed to drop $500 + bindings for them based just on their pow performance considering that I only get to ski pow about a week a year in the midwest.
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Of the group you mentioned, the B2 is the finest all mountain ski of the group. I have skied them for the past two seasons both here and out West.

The Seth Pistols are an awesome ski as are the Mojos if you ski the West exclusively.

My take for what it's worth
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Your physical attributes would help...as well as where you'll be skiing.
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Cheers guys. All helpful stuff. I'm 6'1, 12 stone in weight, quite physical with my skis. Also now thinking about Armadas - any views?
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Umm...Anyone know the conversion from "stone" to "US lbs."?
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14lb in a stone, although I'm not sure if a US lb is the same as a UK lb
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Yeah, sorry, I mean 168lbs. Skiing in the Alps, mainly high altitude France and Switzerland.
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