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Freesylin' It!

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Hi everyone,
I am getting into freestyle skiing this year and was looking for some tips on doing some moe basic tricks, and possibly some websites for freestyle ski training. I am confident in getting some good air, and can do some basic tricks like a spread eagle and a half-daffy. Howabout some help on learning spins? I can do 180's off small jumps and picnic benches. I need some help on a wind up for bigger spins like 360's, 540's ect. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated!

Nathan Peffer
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Hi Nathan,

Freeze has a bunch of how to tips.

For spins, one trick that will help you go from 180s to 360s is think about upper and lower body separation. Turn your head 180 first then let your lower body catch up, then turn your head 180 again (and spot your landing) and then let the lower body finish the 360.
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Work on style a lot, even huge spins look sloppy if they dont have a solid grab to go with them. Work on floating 180s and 360s with tail grabs and mute grabs over larger tabletops. A big slow mute three always looks better than a sloppy 7 without a grab.
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I have a copy of Mike Douglas's "Twin Tip Skiing Tips and Tricks" that I need to get rid of. It's pretty good if you're just learning how to spin. It's yours for the price of lunch at McDonalds. $4.95 shipped.

"This video starts you out slowly and brings it all together, demonstrating the basics from your stance to 180's to 360's, 540's, fakie 7's and jibbing. For thoes wanting to know how to get started, it begins here. Hosted by Salomon rider Mike Douglas and featuring a who's who of freestyle skiers, this is the first video to showcase the new movement in winter sessioning. Featuring: JF Cusson, Mike Douglas, Vincent Dorion, Shane Szocs, Sarah Burke, Philou Porier, Phil Belanger, Phil Larose, Mike Nick, Steel Spense."

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