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Volkl P40 F1 EnergYrail Binding Question

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I recently bought some Volkl P40 F1 EnergYrails. Someone on another forum told me that I didn't need any special bindings so I bought Salomon 914s. Now the ski shop is telling me that ONLY Marker bindings will mount on the EnergYrails. Is this true? Has anyone on this forum ever mounted a different binding on these things? These are different from the red Volkl P40s. These are the black and green ones with the integral lifter rail (EnergYrail).

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volkl energy rail

I have owned 3 pairs of the p40 F1 energy rails and I had salomon S914 bindings on them . If they are the skis with the plate without the holes you can put any binding on them you like . If the shop is telling you otherwise , find another shop .
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I have the same boards - anything will work. Find another shop or tell the the person you wish to speak to someone that knows what the %$# they're talking about.
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Horse ploppings. What Woodee said . Do you have a plate on the rails now? I bought two new plates last year 'cuz my previous ones resembled Emmentaler.

Hey Gator, Woodee, any of you see the F5 plates first hand?
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P50 you could have a problem

Looks like the shop confuses your P40 with the P50's proprietary, integrated binding system, which came as a first with the P50 as the 2001 (I believe) model. The P50 Platinum could be purchased flat (at least) in its first year. I'm just a consumer... Shouldn't a shop know that kinda stuff. Ts Ts.
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Thanks for all the info guys. I found a shop that has someone that knows this ski. And yes they are mounting my S914's.
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I had em mounted with Rossi/Look's and had no problems. Just sounds like another ill-informed shop tech. They're really fun skis, hope you enjoy em.
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maybe an ill-informed tech..we know they exist. but consider this:

the F1 plate sits on first generation motion rails.

whatever you do, make sure that the hole pattern on whatever binding you put on does not interfere with the action of the rails - this will disrupt the ability of the plate to slide on the rail.

i might be somewhat suspect of the holding power of the binding if the plate is pre drilled for a certain hole pattern.

but, it sounds like no one has had problems with this.

i do hate hostage plates.
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