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Follow up skis

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I've been skiing a few seasons now and am an advanced intermediate. I've mostly stuck to groomed slopes in the west (Mammoth, June, Tahoe, local mountains e.g. Big Bear) but have been venturing out a little more off piste lately. I'm thinking of buying a good all mountain ski to replace my 182 Volkl V3 Energy's (Salomon 850 bindings). These were my first skis and they are decent, but I've not been that impressed by them overall. I did a demo a few Salomon's and Atomics on demo days and found them to be more to my liking. Although they were probably higher than my skill level, I figure I could grow into them. I was also thinking of the Dynastar Intuitiv 74 which seems to get a lot of mention here. I'm not a super aggressive skier but prefer to cruise, albeit at higher speeds. Think luxo-cruising sport GT coup as opposed to pure sports car. Think the 74s would work? I'm sure they'd be better in powder and crud than the V3s but would they be better on piste as well? Thanks.

Me: I'm 5-11" and about 195 lbs. 37 years old.
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If you search on the Intuitiv 74, you'll find lot's of posts. Ever since they went to $199 on REI-Outlet, there has been a renewed interest. Also, be aware that if you go with the &4, you'll need a air of late model Rossi or Look bindings, as they are the only ones that will fit on the autodrive plate.
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Thanks. I did check out quite a few posts on the Intuitivs. I picked up pair in 182 and some Look p10s. Look forward to trying them out next week.
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