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New Boots: Ankle Blisters

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Just skied 3 days in my new boots (Nordica Beast's), and got blisters on the inside balls of both ankles. It seems that I'm getting a lot of heel lift, and that my ankles are rubbing against the liner. I got these boots from my brother in law so I can simply give them back to him, or is there a way to fix this?

Am I right to assume that what's causing these blisters is that there is too much room in my instep (I tightened my boots tighter as the day went on to try to stop the heel lift, but to no avail)? I didn't have this problem in my old Tecnicas, should I look into some Icon's? Thanks for any help. Doid23
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If you like the boots otherwise, a boot fitter can punch out the ankles to give you more room. I had the same situation, which is how I found out about the fix.
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If you are getting a lot of heel lift, it sounds like you have a volume or fit problem. as in the boot might be too big. A fitter can take up the room with padding but it's not the best fix. Since it was not money spent, yet, I would probably recommend you return them to your brother in law, thank him for letting you try them and look for a boot that fits your foot better.

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I've had ankle bone issues with a couple pairs of boots. After several fitters tried punching out the shell, another fitter corrected it this way: remove the liner, cut a slit on the outside of the liner just above the ankle bone, reach in the slit and remove some padding over the ankle bone area. This creates a pocket for your ankle bone to nest in. The fitter that corrected my problem this way believed the shell should only be punched if the above solution is not enough. Most issues are corrected this way with no need for punching. It worked for me.
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In the meantime, COMPEED blister patches are fantastic for padding and prevention prior to blisters forming and excellent to take away the pain and liquid content after.
Not for use on open wounds though.
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Boots are too big

blisters are caused by rubbing (movment) and the fact that your heel lifts all point to too big

remove the shell and make sure that you have 1-2cm behind your heel and the shell, NO MORE.
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