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B.C. Interior itinerary

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I'm going to do three weeks' skiing in the B.C. Interior in February.

Leaving from Vancouver, I'm planning to visit (in this order) Silver Star, Kicking Horse, Lake Louise, Panorama, Fernie and finally, Red Mountain.

I'm an advanced skiier and my girlfriend, who is joining me, is intermediate. We'll be trying to stay in cheap hostels as much as possible.

Just a couple of questions:

1. For those with some experience in BC, are the roads I'll be taking usually passable and is my route a logical order to do them in?

2. And are these good resorts for us to ski at given our respective abilities?

3. I might have to dump one resort for time reasons — which should it be?

Regards, Rick.
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Looks like a logical clock-wise circle from Vancouver. Only problem with that is powder doesn't always follow a logical clock-wise circle. You should have no problem hitting all those places in three weeks if you want to. I would say Red and Kicking Horse are the two hardest and may have limited terrain for your girlfriend, depending on how agressive of an intermediate she is. Keep an eye out on the conditions as you go. Places like Big White, Sunshine and Castle are on, or very near your route and are all good hills. Panorama is renowned for having a lack of snow. There are also hostels, or cheap hotels, at all the places you have mentioned. I would suggest not structuring your trip too much. Follow the conditions and be flexible; that's what road trips are about!
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Road trip

Thanks heaps for the advice TOLOCOMan, I'd like to keep it flexible too — the only problem is won't I have to book ahead at some of the hostels???
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My experience with B.C. roads is that they are much better than those on the U.S. side. They tend to be wide and well maintained. I'm sure that you will find that each area has enough to keep you occupied appropriately. I have not been to all of the resorts and I don't have a clear handle on what you like, so I can't say which one you should dump. If it was me going on the trip I would consider going to less places. It seems like a lot of time will be used up in changing venues. However, you may be younger and more resiliant than I. Have fun. You've chosen a great region to ski.
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Room availability will probably not be too bad, especially if you are looking earlier in Feb. Towards the end you start to get into Univ. reading weeks (who like hostels too) and some provinces high school breaks. You can always call the day before and see how a place is filling up. I'm probably not going to be too popular with some people for letting the cat out of the bag, but I would really recommend Castle. They usually get good snow, the terrain is awesome and it is usually very quite. They have opened a hostel/hotel at the base for this year and are offering ski and stay for $62.
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The order is logical enough although another order would offer advantages too. if you were to drop on mtn it would probably be red. Not because of the hill But because it is a long haul from anything. Another hill you might drop is Panorama as it doesn't offer that much unique but definitely more good cruising than most of your choices. Go here for maps The maps you want are 3 and 4.

You might pick up Sunpeaks as more of a break in the loop.
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If you're looking to maximize pow, these would be my choices:

Big White & Sun Peaks (more intermediate terrain); Red Mt, Whitewater, Fernie (more advanced terrain and more pow).

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It depends how many days you're planning at each resort as to whether you can afford to add some of the close-by's. Sun Peaks, Sunshine, Castle, Whitewater, and Big White are all possibilities. Your current itinerary leaves you hanging at Red Mtn. with a long drive to get back to Vancouver. If you've budgeted 3 days at each resort, I'd be tempted to cut a day out of K Horse and Red Mtn. and call in at Big White on the way back (about 3 hours from Red Mtn. is my estimate, so reachable after a ski day). This would add a bunch more intermediate terrain for your gf and give you another chance at powder.
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My wife and I ski some of those resorts each winter. She is an intermediate, I am advanced. You might want to consider Big White as an alternative to Silver Star. Its entire village is ski-in ski-out and there is lots of intermediate terrain. Red can have great powder and glade skiing, depending on the weather. There is limited accomodations at the base, you would need to stay in Rossland (about 5 mins away from the resort). We tried Fernie last year and had a great time.

Roads are generally well kept, the one area to watch on your route would be the trip between Fernie and Red. The Kootenay Pass area is prone to avalanche and the road closes on occasion for clearing.
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