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Snowbird's Gad II Chair Closed

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Does anyone know why the Gad II chair is closed? Is it because of thin snow coverage, low skier volume, cost savings, or what? I'll bet the Thunder Bowl area will be awesome when it is open. Has anyone hiked to ski that part of the mountain?
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Their website says 'that they have a tradition of gradual opening of lifts". it will open by christmas. basically they are trying to save on lifties.
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Thanks Marty. I've been checking their website regularly but, I missed that info.
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I was skiing with a worker there on Sunday and he said that a chair fell off that lift (or another one made by the same company) and now that have to have them checked out.

Didn't hike it since I thought I might have to traverse a long way to get back, but the snow is very good and I could see some people over there.
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