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Shuttle between Bird / Alta

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Is there a shuttle (free?) between the base of Snowbird and Alta? I cannot find any such thing on either of their websites. My mind seems to remember some posting once before that there was a free shuttle between the two. I also seem to remember UTA offering a trip between the two for something like a dollar. All I have been able to find was a reference to "UTA will connect the resorts' base areas with an expanded bus service seven days a week" in an announcement about the combined lift ticket a few years ago. If there is such a beast, do you know how often it runs and where it picks up?

My wife and I will be staying at Snowbird in about a month and would like to venture over to Alta at least once. Trying to figure out the easiest way over there.

Thanks in advance!
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I haven't stayed at the "Bird" for some time, but when I did, they had a shuttle running from the Cliff Lodge to Alta every 15 mins or so in the morning for free, or a couple of bucks.

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Yes, there's a free shuttle between the two resorts. It's part of the joint ticket deal. You can even drop through "the keyhole" gate at Alta (when it's open), ski down to the tram plaza and catch the bus back up to Alta.

EDIT http://www.rideuta.com/schedulesAndMaps/routeSchedules/

Click on the "ski" link

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As I'm sure you know, the two have lift linked terrain now, but I guess you would save $15 a person by riding the free shuttle and buying an Alta only lift ticket instead of the "joint" lift ticket?
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Yes, it is a little bit of penny pinching. I had initially considered just getting the combined pass but on another thread a few weeks ago there seemed to widespread derision of the value of the combined ticket. Plus, as you say, it would $8 a day per person for the combined ticket over the Bird mutliday ticket price. My next thought was to get the 3 of 4 day Trams and Chairs and go over to Alta one day and just get a day ticket.

So last night my wife has found that the Snowbird Lodge, where we are staying, has been recently added to the Super Pass list of eligible lodging. This would appear to save us about $20 - 30 over the course of four days in exchange of taking a voucher to the lift ticket window every morning. But then we could split up the two areas however it suited us as long as we stayed at one all day.

I think that also comes with some free UTA passes. I guess there would be a place up there to trade the voucher for the bus passes and then I could just catch the shuttle up and down if we wanted to go over to Alta.

Thanks for the link to the bus schedule. I looked around on the site a bit but public transportation is an oxymoron in these parts so I am easily confused. We actually had a local politician turn down a bunch of federal money for public transportation recently because he thought it might somehow interfere with one of his pet projects.

I guess the stop listed as "Snowbird" would be the areas on the trail map with little busses? There seems to be one next door at the Snowbird Center.
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There are several stops in and around snowbird. The main one is at the base of snowbird center. I think all the other ones you kinda have to let the driver know you want to stop. There are blue and white bus stop signs and if your standing there they will, err should pick you up.
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This March, I was in Alta-Bird for a week. I think the combined ticket is a waste of money also. Both areas are so big, you cannot even finish one for several days, what is the point to go though a gate just to be on the other side?
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