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05 Dalbello question

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Word on the street, Dalbello is coming out with a modern Flexon for next year. With the signing of Glenn Plake and the buying of the rights to the flexon patent, they have come up with a "new' flexon for next year.

Did anyone get to the on snow 05 Demo's where this boot was on display? What do you know about it?
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I have the Dalbello catalogue in front of me-no mention of Flexion technology in any of the models. I did try on some of the new V-series boots at the show-very comfortable, solid feeling boots. But, it isn't realistic for me to demo a boot-I have way too many fit issues to ski in anything but my own boots that have had tons of work performed on them.
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The new Krypton as it is called is evidently still a work in progress. Our shop owner who still skis Flexon's had a chance to try it on at Vegas and is very happy that the fit and flex is there. He also commented at how much better the Dalbello liner felt. His only complaint so far was the missing second power strap on the liner the old Flexon's had. Dalbello did not know when there will be a skiable boot as there are still some manufacturing issues. There will be two models and they are currently not in thr 04/05 catalouge. There was a picture of the prototype in the last issue of freeskier. When I know more or have a chance to ski the boot I will update.
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Thanks Rick, someone had mentioned the name "Krypton", but I had forgotten it. Please keep me/us posted with updates. What you mentioned was completely in line with what I was told by another person, down to the fit of the liner. I am very interested in the direction of the boot.
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Originally posted by RickB:
There was a picture of the prototype in the last issue of freeskier. When I know more or have a chance to ski the boot I will update.
I saw the picture, it will be worth getting into the boot just for the new buckle design.
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Flexon... Krypton whatever. It is great that the concept remains alive. [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Calls were made, agreements cut. Looks like I will be jumping to Dalbello. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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The Krypton is alive! The new website - www.dalbellosports.com - which is still under construction, features the Krypton to be released this November.

Although not featured in the catalogue it does have plenty of photos and info on the website.

Check it out - Let me know what you think. I'm in. Can't wait!
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I cant wait either.
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I will be at the official intro of the new Krypton in a couple of weeks. As soon as I can get back to a computer I will update all of the Flexon lovers out there. It might be a while as I fly out to SLC and on to Jackson to officially pray for snow and relax before ski season, right after the intro.
I see they changed my old screen name to filler54,I wondered where I went.
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Keep us posted. I am "forming" them as soon as forms are available.
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So what is so special about these boots?

Are they based on a classic mold that alot of people like?
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Great lateral support, progressive forward flex. The boot was built on a narrow last. I had a pair of the Flexons, I liked the way they skied. I thought it was a cold boot and I didn't like getting in to it and making sure the front of the boot hinged correctly down at the toe. . I remember being sure I had the front of the boot properly pushed down before I buckled it .

When I looked at the Krypton model on the Dalbello website I didn't think the outside front piece had the same flex ribs as the Raichle models did. The Flexon ribs were developed I think by NASA. Same as the drinking straws. I believe those ribs would provide more efficient forward flexing because you were not flexing into a rigid piece of plastic. With everybody on shaped skiis , that type of boot design has to be an excellent compliment .

I'll definitely try a pair on when they I see a pair.
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Did someone mention Krypton?

I have photo's, info - the works. The Buzz is hot right now! Give me a shout and I can answer just about any question you may have.


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