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Racing lessons near Boston?

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Any suggestions for lessons for a teenage girl who is an agressive skier but novice racer?
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Do you just want some lessons or to join a team? Wachusett has a kid's team that skis every Sat and Sun, they start real reall early when the mountain is empty.


Sure you want your kid to be a ski racer? Getting up at 5:00 AM, driving all over NE to races, spending $2K a year on lift tickets, transportaion and equipment. :-) Of course when I my kids old enough, if he asks, I'll probably live on catsup sandwiches find a way and cough up the bucks :-) What are daddys for???

I think they run some clients for the naster racers now and then. If she just wants to race for fun, joining a naster team and taking a few ad-hoc race clinics wouldn't be bad.
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Oh, I found the link for the clinics for the Naster race league--

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You may want to PM Jonathan Sheffitz who coaches for MIT. He may be able to refer you to someone.
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What about a high school race team? High Schools near boston race at blue hills. Here is the League I am in:

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I'd definitely recommend a USSA-affiliated mountain team over a high school team. The latter typically has you "racing" on courses at Blue Hills, Bradford, or the Wachusett NASTAR hill, with apparently meager coaching and skills improvement.
The Wachusett program is very professional -- I've seen some of their newbie racers, and their progression is impressive:
They had been having trouble last year replacing their full-time Head Coach, but now they've landed the former New Hampton School Head Coach - wow!
I believe they have varying levels of committment too. So it's not like you necessarily have to traverse the various highways and byways of New England each weekend.
The other strong jr race program relatively close to Boston is Pats Peak:
Beyond that, you're looking at much longer drives.
(Well, Crotched is back, but I don't think their race program is back in its pre-closure form yet.)
By contrast, a single racing-oriented lesson would probably consist of a few runs on a near-horizontal NASTAR course with some random pointers. (And the evening Wachusett race league is adults only.) But you could get lucky and find a ski instructor with a racing background who could set a real course.
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Not looking for a serious racing commitment (already spending that $2K on soccer). Actually, she is on her HS team and the training/coaching is essentially non-existent - just looking for some extra help. Thanks for the suggestions.
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Well our school must be lucky to have some good coaches. Does her HS practice at blue hills?
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yep. see you on the hill.
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Well, I know most of HS have some good coaching and was in a similar situation as your daughter. I was a good skier and started racing in HS (this is my 4th year on the team). I think we had a total of 8 practices and 5 races last year, but in this short time I greatly improved. After a couple years of learning how to get the turns down outside the course, it doesn't take long to get into the racing groove on the course. I believe that you need to get down the GS and slalom turns outside the course and this will set you up for the actual race course. I myself spent a good deal of time practicing my turns without my team and once I got this down, I started working on my racing technique. In the past, I found that getting comfortable in the course is key, and because of this I am trying to get the most practices we can this year since 8 a season isn’t enough to improve greatly.

Would you mind telling what me what school she is skiing for (hopefully not Westwood since I though we had good coaching)?
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Go to a xmas break ski camp! Come up to NH, we have a great one through Franconia Ski Club at Cannon. Great people, top of the line coach's. Search some mountain websites and see what their on-mountain team has to offer for the holiday season. Good luck!
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