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Bird of Prey DH (May be Spoilers)

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For those interested, the DH just started. The live timing thing on the fis-ski website is working, at least for me. You can get all multi-windowed with that and the Eurosport mini-commentary. If you are so inclined.
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Bryon Friedman gets to tell people he was leading a WC DH. For a little while, anyway.

That time may hold up well enough for a pretty nice place.
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Looks like Frieman was absurdly fast toward the bottom of the course. Everyone's killing him at the first interval, beating him at all the other intervals, than falling behind at the finish.
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Bode takes the lead. USA is 1-2, and Rahlves hasn't come yet (nor have a bunch of other good racers, but still ....)

He's about the only guy (if not the only) not to lose time to Friedeman at the very end.
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Looks like Friedman stands a good chance of top-10 for the day - great skiing from the Utah kid!

Bode's run was incredible - tons of speed, looks like he's got the hot hand for skis to go with his technical prowess.
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Quick question: anybody suss out why the top-ranked DH skier (Rahlves) is starting 31, with Maier at 30? Who did they wedge into the top 30 - or who did they forget?
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Maier just finished 1.09 behind Bode - and even behind Friedman! Wow!
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Rahlves is flying - not at Bode speeds, but still....

He's 2nd!!!
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USA 1-2-7. I believe that is unprecedented in DH.

Friedman is a huge story.

On the side point: it looks like the slipped in an extra start number at the front for some reason. From what I could tell, they took a break after 16, rather than 15.
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They start the top 30 in reverse order from the training run times.
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Originally Posted by Dark Horse
They start the top 30 in reverse order from the training run times.
Actually, for this race they reversed the top 30 in FIS points, as there was only one training run. If there is more than one training run, they flip the order of the last training run before the race.

Maybe there's a tie on the FIS points list? I'll check....
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Maybe no one would take #13...
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Hey guys, whats the url on the site? I would like to try to see
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Right now, the way things are going, Sports Illustrated should do a cover story on Bode Miller. The only other story that is as big is the scandal with drugs.
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Anyone know what's up with the women's DH in Lake Louise? CBC Halifax should be showing it right now, but instead they're showing The Simpsons.
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I see a new Lance Armstrong...
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Thanks for the link!
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ah c'mon, 't'ain't nothin' tanner hall couldn't do.
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Tanner could do it backwards..er..switch! Koooool! :
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The headline on Ski Racing's website calls today "the greatest day in American Downhill history."
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Lindsey Kildow wins at Lake Louise today. Both she and Bode were bib 17.
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WOW!!!!! Hats off to Bode, Daron and Bryon!
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...junior racers across the country are begging mom and dad for atomics under the tree this year.
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Listening to one of those videos, Bode said he felt he had no chance in the speed events with the equipment he was on last year.
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i'll take bets that atomic sells the same amount of junior/kids race skis this year as last year
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Could be an incredible year for the U.S. Mens Alpine team! Hope they keep it up.
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Real time ticker for WC races

Here is the link for real time info during WC races.

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It's awsome that Bode and Daron are doing so well. Anyone know what happened to Raich? He should be right up there but he was way back today.
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