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Salomon Crossmax 700

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As this is my first full season of skiing I was intending on renting skis for the season. A season rental will cost me about $170. This will be a set of whatever skis the local shop has available (they couldn't tell me the types) retuned for the season. I.E. not new skis.

However, I recently found a pair of 2004 Salomon crossmax 700 skis for sale $180. They are described as highend crossmax version used by resorts for renting to intermediate/advanced skier.

They are one year old and in very good condition with lite use. Also retuned etc. Financially it makes sense to buy if it's the same price but are these too much ski for me ? I have a total of 5 days experience so far and ski green/blue but currently stay off the blues when conditions are bad. I'll be having several lessons this year so hope to improve somewhat by season end. I'll be skiing about 20 days this year.

I'm 5'9 and weigh 148lbs. The skis are available in 150 or 160. Last weekend I was using 150s and parallel turning without a problem, albeit not too gracefully. Previous to this I had been using 120s.
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So do you have a question?

Should I get these skis?

If so what length?
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quote "But are these too much ski for me ?" - The question mark gives it away.
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My bad

Separating the question into it's own paragraph helps it stand out when people are skimming posts.

They might be alittle too much at first but will probably be fine after you get a feel for them.

The 150s will be OK to learn on but you will want the 160s if you progress quickly.
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word. above.
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Thanks Scalce, my apologies for the abrupt reply.

Has anyone heard of or used these skis ? If so, would they be too hard to handle for someone between beginner and advanced ?

The seller describes them as intermediate/advanced. As I'm hoping to become intermediate by then END of the season, I'm worried that I may not be able to handle them. Whilst I know very little about diffreent skis, I've picked up enough from this forum and other places to know that certain skis are not reccommended for certain abilities.
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It's a toss up.

If you get a beginner ski at your current level it will be fine at first but will become too soft and bouncy once you learn to pressure them.

On the flip side if you get an upper intermediate ski like the Crossmax 700 it will be hard to control speed by turn shape at first and it will make you skid your tails. Some people call that windshield wiper turns. This will also tire you out on ungroomed conditions and steeper pitches.

Since most beginners to intermediates make windshield wiper turns anyway even though they think they are making parallel turns I would go with the skis since they are a good price and you will grow with them. When you do transition to less skidded turns the skis will be able to handle it.

I haven't skied on those skis but if they are similar to the Crossmax 7s then you should be fine.
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Salomon Crossmax 700 for women?

I too am considering a used pair of Crossmax 700's for my wife. 150 cm. She's got about 10 days of skiing under her belt where we ski in Ontario, Canada. I'm a track-3 disabled ski instructor (neither she nor I are disabled) which means she gets some pretty top notch instruction from instructors (not me) for free...and often as she wants. so she's progressing fast. She's a naturally athletic person, 45 yrs old, 5'7", 135lbs. I'm hearing lots of talk from local retailers that women-specific skis are the way to go. Does it make a difference for a beginner? And as queried above, are these skis gonna be too much for her?
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There is a slight difference between women's skis besides being "pretty", they do have slightly different measurements that complement the different angles of women's hips and legs as compared to those of men.
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Holy thread resurrection - only 4 years old!
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