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New Boots!

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I skiied at Lake Louise earlier this year, using my old Salomon Verse boots. These are an intermediate, soft boot and I found that when I was skiing anything steep or in the powder I was getting thrown back and forward a little more that I was comfortable with. Most will say that it's not my boots that was causing this, just my lack of ability yet do you think a new boot, maybe a sturdy race boot, may help to control this problem?

Many thanks!
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Hi Rhys,
I wouldn't recommend a race boot for powder, but maybe go for something a bit stiffer than the Verse. Perhaps a Crossmax 8 or 9 would be a good bet.
I'll let some of the real powder skiers to speak up!

Where are you off to this season?
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New Boots

Thanks for that, Wear The Fox Hat! I'll bear in mind your advice. This season I'm off to Grouse Mountain in Vancouver. I got a job instructing up there. I can't wait! Beats the hills in North Wales any day! I take it it's the snow dome that's your home 'mountain'?! I went there about 6 months ago, it was pretty good.

Many thanks!
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I found myself in the same position last year. My Salomon Evolution 2 boots were too mushy. After talking to a few friends and other ski afficionodos I bought the Salomon X-Wave 8. It is a great boot, you will not go wrong.
See what Ski Mag said about the boot:
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if you're going to be in your boots everyday all season, spend every last bit of money on them you can to get the best boot and a good bootfitter. getting the wrong boot could kill your season of good fortune!

you need a solid liner that does not break down and a SOLID fit that does not hurt.

you will also want a well-built insole that is warm (some transmit cold from underneath like a piece of copper).

that said, wait till you get there, find out who everyone recommends, go see them and buy boots.

normally, i would say to pro form them through the pro rep at Grouse, but you might be behind the curve and not get the boot you need.

super good boots are a skier's best friend.

congrats on the job luck!
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