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Can't decide on where to go in February.

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Looking to go skiing with some friends and family the February for a week out west, but we are having a bit of a hard time picking a good spot. There are so many to choose from.

Criteria are basically (but not in order):

1. Must have a good mix of easy beginner to advanced (but no real double black diamond skiers in the group) terrain.

2. Must either have enough terrain to not feel limiting for 5 or 6 days of skiing, or have other resorts near by to travel too.

3. Preferably have some night skiing at or nearby resort. (This is a nice to have, not a deal breaker)

4. Also nice to have a town or resort near by with some nightlife or shopping to give people something to do when they are not skiing.

5. Lots of good snow. Having gotten a total of 2" snow over the last 3 ski weeks out west, I am going to pull my hair out if we get skunked again this time :. At the very least, no week straight of 60 degree temps.

Keystone/Breckenridge are out of the running. While they fit all the criteria nicely, most of us going have been there a bunch of times already.

Some of the group is saying Utah (Park City/The Canyons), others are saying Telluride. I don't want to limit this to just those two, so any/all suggestions are welcome.

Anyone got some good suggestions?

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Telluride in Feb

Telluride in Feb can be peak time for powder. Last year 1st week in Feb got two nice dumps. Obviously, past performance is no guarantee of future...
I'd avoid Pres Week in Feb if possible. It would be the most crowded week. New York schools are closed and multitudes head West.

I find the mountain has lots of varied terrain. Some skiers who like lots of cumulative vertical complain that there's only enough mountain for 4 day, but I've skied 12 out of 14 days and never tired of the mountain.

Town as you know is an old minng town, lots of character, great locals and awesome eats (cheap and not).

Never been to PC but I'm sure it has lots of the same.
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Sounds like either Summit County or Utah. Both have pleny of area's to choose from and tons o' terrain. Breckenrisge and park City are both "ski towns" for those who choose to take a day off from the slopes.

Park City
Deer Valley
The Canyons
Snow Basin

Summit County:
Vail near by.
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Aspen/Snowmas or Tahoe also might work

aspen snowmass you can get by with bus trans,
reno/tahoe give you access to about 10+/- resorts, but
you need to drive

if gambling is a plus....
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How about Steamboat?

Or, perhaps Snowbasin and Powder Mountain in Utah although they don't satisfy your #4.

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