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Must be that time of year

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I am spending more time here than at my other forums...I wonder why? How about you?

I have had about 300 posts in the past two months or so. It is nice to have some fresh faces here. I ahve made alot of new friends and I would imagine some enemies too. I don't want to leave anyone out in either aspect, so I will say thanks for the company and I am getting some serious cabin fever and need to get out and make some turns. Anyone want to join me?
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I find myself being flightly and spending less time. I'm too impatient to read long posts about skiing. Thank God Bridgers opening a week early.
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Phil - I'm spending a lot of time hear too. I'm in Chicago where the closest hill is practically bare and 1.5 hrs away w/under 300 vert. I think I know what a crack addict must feel.
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I'm spending a lot of time both here and on the hill!
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Originally Posted by Lisamarie
I'm spending a lot of time both here and on the hill!
LM, learn your manners or we'll make you move back east:
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I'm definately spending alot more time on my Skiing forums than anything else lately. I rarely go to my automotive forums at all anymore Although I must admit I've been a little too impaitient to read the long posts as well, I just want to SKI!
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I spend way to much time here. I need to ski more...wait I like in the SE...What theheck am I doing in the SE. I need to move.
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Enjoyed your posts. Must be spending too much time here since I think I've seen all 300 of them. I seem to read the long threads, too. Skiing must start soon. If only our house had sold. I could be in Alaska right now. They have snow.
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