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What are you listening to on the slopes?

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For me its:

Linkin Park - Live from Texas
U2 - How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb
Metallica - Older stuff
Papa Roach
Green Day
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For other skiers!!!
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Well I don't listen on the slopes but in the car on the way to them I have to listen. This upcoming season there will definitely be plenty of "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb" (U2) for me - simply amazing. This season I might finally put togther a ski mix. Right now I'm thinking:

Zoo Station - U2 (Excellent for the slopes and an all time favorite)
Beautiful Day - U2
Vertigo - U2
In hiding - Pearl Jam (another pre slope favorite)
Given to Fly - Pearl Jam
Clocks - Coldplay
Moses - Coldplay
Shattered - The Rolling Stones
Start Me up - Stones
Silver Gun Superman - Stone Temple Pilots
Vasoline - STP again
unglued - STP
Bitter Sweet Symphony - The Verve
Baba O' Reilly - The Who
Won't get fooled again - the Who
In God's Country - U2 again

Thats all I got for now
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1. The snow.
2. The wind.
3. The out of control teenager "Dudes".
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Pearl Jam-No Code
Pearl Jam-Yield
Sublime-40oz to Freedom
Bob Marley-Legend
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The wind in the trees.

The eerie silence of floating through fresh powder.
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Whatever nonsense is blaring uphill from the base area....
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Depends on what the mood is.
If I'm relaxed:
Pearl Jam
Dave Matthews Band
Jack Johnson
Ben Harper
Slightly Stoopid
If I'm really wanting to Ski Aggresively:
Killswitch Engage
Static X
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On the slopes?

Wind Trees Skis

On the way?

Morphine. Always Morphine.

On the way home?

Jackie Greene.
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The voices telling me to clean the guns.....

That and the marbles rolling around in my skull.
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That guy behind me with the airhorn.
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the sounds of silence
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My wife complaining that her feet are too cold :

If I had an iPod set up:

Jayhawks (anything after "Blue Earth")

Wilco (earlier)

Phish (like "Billy Breathes")

any Surfing Music
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My friend on that #@$% snowboard. He likes to ride right behind me cause he knows I can hear him.
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I thought that most areas had rules against listening to walkmen and similar on the slopes. It's not exactly a safe practice. Shouldn't you be listening to other skiers/boarders, nature sounds and other saftey related things.
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I am listening to panic-stricking internal shouting saying, "Turn! Stop! Slow down! Just quit this sport, you s-ck!"
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Audioslave~usually the entire album, esp. show me how to live, light my way, like a stone, shadow on the sun... okay the entire album
Crazy on you ~heart (the victoria jealouse scene in High Life has me hooked)
Evanescence~Going Under, Bring me to life
Renegade- Styx
Breaking Benjamin~ So Cold (and more)
Rage against the machine~ lots and lots of Rage...
Nine inch Nails~

Those usually make it everytime i load up the mp3... always add in some fillers based on mood.
I've never had a problem skiing with my giro 9 audio, i always mute it when i get back to the corral or am going to stop anywhere. In fact, I'd argue that it makes me a better skier...
Chances are, even with no helmet, you aren't going to be able to move quickly or far enough if you hear someone scream "get out of the way". with the wind and the sounds of my edges I don't really notice much else. the uphill skier has a responsibility to avoid the downhill skiers, which is in no way impaired by the music.

Ziegler and any others who like Jack Johnson... Definately Check out Donavon Frankenreiter if you havent already. Another surfer turned singer...and signed on Johnson's record lable with OAR.
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Personal listening devices on the mountain are dangerous. Absolutely they can cause you not to attend to what is going on around you or below you.
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Grateful Dead, Howling Wolf, Coltrane, Cowboy Junkies, Sibelius, The Clash, Van Morrison, Bach, Brazzaville, many others.
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Crazy on you ~heart (the victoria jealouse scene in Soul Purpose has me hooked)

I want to say it was "High Life". I think? :

Anyway, a little Dave Mathews after dark, Grey Goose, Cojimar, & a Jacuzzi.

In the morning: The mellow sound of Alka Sulzer fizz.
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I'm gonna be on a lift in about seven days and five hours and all I have loaded so far is lots of Gov't Mule. I'm thinkin I need some Metallica, pickings off the first two Presidents of the United States of America, the last Fountains Of Wayne, a buttload of Costello, Coltrane - A Love Supreme, Ellington - Money Jungle, a bunch Zepplin, some Merle Haggard, about a hundred or so songs off of the first 15 volumes of Rhino's Soul Hits of the '70s...and of course the original recording of Jessica off of Brothers and Sisters by the Allman Brothers to crank on some long cruiser on a perfect blue sky day.
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Originally Posted by teachskiljp
I thought that most areas had rules against listening to walkmen and similar on the slopes. It's not exactly a safe practice. Shouldn't you be listening to other skiers/boarders, nature sounds and other saftey related things.
OK mom, do I have to do my homework first too?
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I figured I'd get some mixed responses. But it seems that the people in the NE are worried about getting nailed and the people in other areas are not.

Now I generally ski midweek and not much on groomers. Sometimes I listen to music sometimes not just depend on the mood. I knowit wouldn't be wise to listening to music while coming down Hellgate at Hunter on a Saturday.
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You should probably turn the music off and put your helmet on while driving. I think skiing is a little safer than driving.

When you lose one sense the other senses are heightened. When my headphones are cranking I can usually smell the snowboarder before he crashes into me. If not, I will feel him with my sense of touch...
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Grateful Dead
Elvin Bishop
Grateful Dead
Allman Bros.
Grateful Dead
Grateful Dead
Grateful Dead
and YES
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Hey, when I snowboarded at Wolf Mountain before it became the Canyons, Grateful Dead music was playing from the lift shack. I got a good vibe from that, rap had taken over popular music, GD was already out of fashion (actually they always were). I also heard GD from a patrol shack atop Solitude. That music is getting a little more popular now, great box sets of re-mastered LPs with lots of bonus tracks from GD and Jerry Garcia solo LPs. Expensive big boxs.
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I figure the Dead goes without saying...I didn't even think to list it...44 shows before Jer died...17, Furthur, Other Ones and The Dead shows since...
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I like to listen to fast paced music to get my adrenaline pumping such as..........

-The Suicide Machines
-Less Than Jake
-Green Day

But I only listen to that on day in which conditions are normal, if the powder is nice then I don't listen to music.
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I don't listen, I sing. Some have tried to have me arrested, having the effrontery to call it "noise" that they claim interferes with the sound of approaching snowboarders and the chirping of birds, but I continue on. I am the rain queen: Yea-a-a-ah!

I especially like skiing to the Kinks...
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If I were to listen to music on the slopes it would be the Ramones. Since I prefer to hear what is going on around me I don't listen to music..... I think its rather annoying and dangerous to have music going to where you can't hear anyone else around you.... So, if your listening to your favorite music and get run over by an out-of-contol rookie don't blame them cuz you can't hear the warning.
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