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Tired of demoing

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First thing- I did use the search function but need some more focused input.
I need a second pair of skis. At home (sugarloaf), I ski on Rossi X's (2 years old and wish I had bought XX's but that's another story).
I usually get 2 or 3 trips a year out west and demo different skis. I thought I had narrowed things to either the XXX or the G4. Was in Alta 10 days ago- had one decent storm with some pow and decided I liked the XXX more for the deep snow. Then on the plane ride back, I started to think that the G4 was also pretty awesome and I probably could get some use of it at home. Went to talk with the guys at the ski shop and they were trying to sell me on the REX! So, I skied it here and honestly thought that the G4 and even the XXX carved better on piste. Probably not a fair comparison though because the conditions here were marginal. I'm going back to Utah in 3 weeks and want to buy something before then. Wow, this has been sort of a long post! I really would like to buy just one more ski. XXX (for use almost solely out west, few days back home?- does anyone ski these in the east?), G4 (maybe more use back home especially those days when my Bandits don't seem like enough, but will I be out west wanting for something fatter?). The REX?? (haven't tested it in the pow)???
I'm driving myself crazy.
Oh yeah, liked the 178's (5'11 170lbs)
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You realize, of course, that you already have the answer - YOU SHOULDA BOUGHT THE XX'S!!!!!!!

Then you wouldna had to make this post.
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I can think of at least one person who uses every ski you listed as their everyday ski out here. (And they would all tell you they are on the best all around ski.) I'd say the G4 is the stiffest and heaviest, the XXX is next and the R EX is the softest and lightest. Personally I'd go with one of the stiffer and heavier skis if you're planning to try and carve them on hardpack. They'll all work well in powder.
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You are forgetting the ultimate all-mtn ski, the K2 Axis X Pro. That would cover all your bases and then some, stiff and fast on hardpack, wide enough for good pow action. And because they are last years ski you can get them cheap.
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Well said!

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I should've listened to Oboe long ago. I started skiing the Bandit XX this winter at Jay Peak. What a terrific ski! It loves soft snow and held beautifully on the many ice spots. I demoed the XXX and liked it a lot, but decided on the XX since aside from a trip per winter west, I generally stick to the northeast.
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bearberry, my dear friend, you are a gentleman of culture and pronounced perspicacity. Live long and prosper.

Timber, last year's K2 Axis X Pro may be a deal because it's last year's ski, but you might find that it's worth a few extra $$ to get on the current K2 Axis XP. If I weren't married to my Bandit XX's, I'd be happy to date the K2 Axis XP . . . in fact, I might cheat a little, cuz I want to stay married, but wow, the smoothnes of the XP . . .
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Oboe, Oboe, Oboe,
How much is Rossi paying you these days for all these endorsements? Yes the double X is a nice ski, but I think I told you quite sometime ago, that
Timber I ski fat skis all the time, everywhere,even in the east, and will never ski a mid fat again. This years XP Pro is an excellent choice but the triple X and the G4 are excellent choices and you won't be disappointed!!!
Try em you'll like em. Even in Maine.

[ December 31, 2002, 02:47 PM: Message edited by: altabound16 ]
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oboe what exactly did you find that you liked better in the axis xp over the pro, I love my pro as it is stupid fast & super stable, did not find it lacking in float for the limited powder I got to ski in last season, this thing rails on piste & I'm not sure I would like a wider ski for my all mountain blaster to do on & off piste, the only drawback to the pro is moguls because it is so stiff & it would be a shame to bend the titanium sheets but the axis xp has the same buildup just a larger footprint, if I get the chance I would like to try one but for no real reason, the real shame is that they did away with the pro I think they should have added the xp but I'm sure they have market research to make those decisions.
just my .02 bteddy
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Looking for a second pair of skis to go with your Bandit X? Give the Pocket Rocket a try. I demoed it last May at Whistler because I was all demoed out and couldn't think of anything else to try. I wasn't actually looking for a fat twin tip, but the Pocket Rocket surprised me and I ended up buying a pair. It will ride the fresh powder at the start of the season, skim over heavy slush at the end of the season, and carve up the groomers in between. Definitely worth a look.
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Since you are alredy planning on returning to Alta soon, check out the ski shop in the lower level of the Cliffs resort. They have some excellent high end rentals that you can demo. www.snowbird.com is the website. I know the shop at Alta is also excellent. I am sure you are aware that you can ski both areas on one ticket and that they are connected.

My son loved the Rossi bandits.

I think you should also consider a demo of the Salomon Pocket Rocket. This ski has gotten some very good press. Based on what you have demoed so far, this ski is in that catagory. So if you can try it before you make a decision, then you will know that what ever decision you make, you have tried all of the best.
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Thanks everyone.
Agree, the XX is a good ski (ok Oboe, maybe even a great ski) but not what I need for a second one.
I did try the PR- thought it was fun but not stable enough at speed for me.
Agree with altagirl and probably will go with the G4. I've never heard anyone complain about how it handles in powder, correct? I couldn't see much difference between the XXX and the G4 in crud or soft bumps.
Had a frckn ice storm here yesterday :
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G4 [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] definitely. Great all around ski. Have to like 'em stiff though.
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Just ordered the Rossis!!
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Anyone notice Timbers number? 2 Wow! A.C. is number 1, Wow!!! Anyhow good choice for an all everything ski. I'm on my third pair and haven't found anything better yet. You know what though, I'm wondering what the XX replacement coming out next week is going to be like. Timber, you just might want to wait another week or two.
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