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FIS World Cup: Mens SG - Beaver Creek, CO [spoilers]

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Looks like another good race for Bode - he made up a lot of time in the last quarter of the course. Not a win (in second place as I type this), but still strong.

Any thoughts?
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Here's a thought,I want to be able to see the races.
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Same here - I'd love to have TV coverage.

The only outlets I've heard of that might be available to us Yanks:

- Canadian Broadcasting (CBC) is carried on some cable, dish and satellite services.

- Eurosport is the same (their website has a live-ish play-by-play).

But as far as domestic-based coverage is concerned, it all stinks! OLN copped out of anything substantial this year, and the non-cable options are slim (mostly on NBC and CBS, but slim pickings they are).
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Rahlves is coming up, and after him Maier.
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Daron couldn't quite pull it off on the bottom of the course - he was making up time between the second and third splits, too.

Only Hermann can challenge, methinks.
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Maier is really slow today, clocking in 8th, 0.74 seconds behind Goergl (AUT) and 0.5 behind Bode.
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It's not completely over until it's over, but I'd call that a race.

1 - 1 - 1 - 2 ... not too shabby.
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Interested to see how Schlopy does.
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41st. Hmm. Looks like he started well, and lost it somewhere.

Also looks like a lot of the later guys are crashing.
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How's the course? If not pure ice, then the Hermanator is going to be off. Rahlves may have the advantage.
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The course, from what I could suss out from online reports, was injected, but with a lot of loose chaff if you got off-line on the jumps. And the jumps threw a lot of people off-line.

Rahlves ended up 16th, losing a lot of time in the bottom part of the course. From the looks of the finish list, the bottom claimed a lot of casualties after the top 30 skiers.

In the end, it's Bode in 2nd, Maier in 8th, Rahlves in 16th. Bode pads his overall and SG points lead, with Maier his closest competition, as of now.

The full results should be posted on FIS-SKI.com fairly soon.
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Cool, Thanks for the updates, Who is #1? I didn't see that posted. I have stood on the top and skied from the mid point down on that monster. I'll be there on the 11th.
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#1: Stephan Goergl. An Austrian. Skis GS and SG (and some DH, I guess, though not on the World Cup). His previous best WC finishes were two 7ths.
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thx. Not familiar w/ him
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Given the snow conditions, Goergl had the best situation: he started 11th, so there was a track in place after the forerunners and the top 10 racers, but the snow wasn't so chewed that it would pose a risk of falling or excessive rutting.

My guess is that Bode's start - 18th, third out after a massive, all-course slip that usually takes place after #15 has started - cost him a bit, as the slick track was likely wiped out by the slip crew. But it's tough to tell. From what I heard, Bode looked a bit awkward on the upper half of the course, only dialing it in from about 2/3 of the way down.

We'll see how the DH turns out tomorrow.

BTW: womens' DH training run in Lake Louise was cancelled today.
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