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Washington Bears

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After reading Ktrubin request for Seattle info I was surprised there were so many Washington Bears.

Just curious as to who you are and where you live.

me...North end of Tacoma, generally ski Crystal.
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I'm living in Seattle as a college student. Originally from Wenatchee, and I still do most of my skiing there at my home mountain Mission Ridge with my dad and my friends. Weekend trips back home are looking less likely this winter, but I've made a dozen trips or so a season every season even with school so far. Might have to look into Crystal - I've heard the snow is much more Mission quality than the concrete they get up on the crest, but I've never been there myself.
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I live in Redmond. I usually ski crystal but sometimes my friends drag me elsewhere.
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I live in Bellingham. Ski Baker on weekends and go to Stevens on weekdays. My family owns a cabin in Skykomish, though I'm the only one who uses it. I lived in Issaquah until 1992.
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I live in Newcastle and I ski both Crystal and Stevens Pass. Both are 90 minutes away.
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Live in Kent (Scenic Hill/East Hill area), mostly ski at The Summit at Snoqualmie (we went to Whistler for Thanksgiving); almost exactly 1 hour drive from home. Can't beat the season pass prices, especially when buying for a family of four. The abundance of night skiing is a draw, too... makes the pass seem even more affordable. And when I feel the need for pain and humility, there's Alpental.
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Seattle (Madrona). Crystal.
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Plan to ski Stevens, Baker most often this year.
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