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Mittens or gloves?

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Just wondering what people prefer and why? I was thinking of getting a second pair of gloves.. and some Swamy mittens caught my attention, but I have never used mittens.
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search on the forum for gloves and mittens. This has been covered.
That being said, I love my Grandoe GCS and have 2 pairs(one for backup) I also have a mitten outer component that I can use with my gauntlet inserts.. Mittens for super cold days but rarely have to use them. dexterity is poor with mittens but they do keep your hands warmer.
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I have a pair of gloves and mittens. If I don't need to adjust my boots, then the mittens are more comfortable. If I do have to adjust my boots its a little more work with mittens, but certainly doable. There isno question that mittens are generally warmer than the equivalent fingered glove. By having both, you may find that you can choose which to wear based on the temp.
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I like to use Spring gloves all the time. Nice and thin for a better feel on the poles. It's also easier for the job I do. Handling things, picking the ice out of my mustasche and such. My hands always stay warm.

If it holds snow-It can be skied!
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I've always used mittens, so I'm speaking from one side of the debate only.
But, I really like mittens, and have no trouble doing anything with them on.

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Throughout the winter I exclusively wear mitts and my fingers very rarely get cold. I recommend a long gauntlet to guarantee that snow never gets up the sleeve, and I feel that it's important to have a removable liner. I have 3 different weights of liners that I use depending on temperature. A removable liner also makes it real easy for washing and/or drying.

Yes, you will not have the dexterity of gloves, but you probably will get used to wearing them and when dexterity is required, you can remove the mitts for a few seconds.

In the spring, however, I only wear spring gloves since its more of an issue to stay cool.

- Paul
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Function over form.

Mittens for me...regardless of temperature.
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I always wear gloves. I have a new pair of Marmot Randonee gloves thanks to my sister for Xmas. I also have another pair about 5 years old; they're just starting to wear out. I like Marmot stuff.

I like gloves better than mittens because of the improved dexterity. You can unbuckle your boots, etc. better with gloves. I have no problem with warmth using gloves.
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Glove's are my choice, Mittens may be warmer but there is too much trade off for dexterity.

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Split-fingered glove: Thumb and index finger are free floating for dexterity; middle, ring, and pinky snug and warm in their own compartment.
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I've tried both, and prefer gloves. The dexterity hit is too much to overcome. Perhaps I would feel differently if I skied someplace cold (instead of the PNW).
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I am with Lars, I spend most of my ski days in spring gloves. I tele and there work really well when I get in the bindings, attaching the leash. I ski in Colorado, so it is pretty warm as compared to the east. the only drawback is that my wrist get a bit cold after a fall in deep powder. I do have a pair of long gloves, but I rarely where them.
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