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How small is the mountain where you grew up?? :) - Page 2

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My home hill isnt too bad, Greek Peak NY. With 30 trails and 900 vertical feet its not too bad. 80% of my racing career has taken place at Kissing Bridge Ny, just south of buffalo. It has about 400 - 450 feet of vertical and is mostly flat. There is no headwall and very little sustained pitch. It is however good to learn how to ski the flats in slalom... GS is out of the question though.
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Tug Hill, near Ellicottville. We looked at houses at Holimount and instead bought a farm and a bulldozer from a defunct strip mine for $900. Had about seven families in on the deal, all crammed into the same farmhouse every weekend. We built two rope tows with a few hundred feet of vert, footpacked the runs and went up and down over and over for my entire childhood. Loved every run.
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40 seconds from top to bottom

Vertical: 317 ft.

Lifts: 5 (1 T-Bar + 4 Rope Tows)
Lift Capacity 5,500 per hour
Skiable Area: 65 Acres
Number of Trails: 13
Longest Run: 1500 ft.
Annual Snowfall: 120 in.
Base Elevation: 963 ft.
Summit Elevation: 1286 ft.

40 seconds from top to bottom.

Snowmaking: PRAY FOR NATURAL SNOW method meant late December openings until just recently when snowmaking (2001) for 35 of the 65 acres and a small terrain park with a quarter pipe were added.

Lift tickets: $20 weekend & holiday/$16 weekday/$10 night
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The original Crotched Mountain ("Ski the Crotch, it's hairy") and Onset. Both had just under 1000' vertical. Not really small, but certainly not big. Lots of fond memories of skiing in every type of weather. A whole two miles from my parents house.
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I grew in the UK up going here to tune up before holidays in the Alps.

Swadlincote Dry Ski Slope:

http://images.google.com/images?q=tb...m/skislope.jpg http://images.google.com/images?q=tb...om/skilift.jpg
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Christopherstow wins. What's his prize?
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I grew up at Schuss Mountain, Michigan. Now it's part of Shanty Creek Resort. Mom was a ski instructor there; in fact, one of our Epic members, Kneale Brownson, who reponded earlier in this thread, was an instructor at the same time Mom was there. When I first joined Epic, I saw Kneale's name, and contacted him. Boy, did that bring back lots of memories!

Anyway, I think Schuss is about 450 vertical feet. I know the resort has developed a bit, but when I skied there from 1968-76, I think there were three chairs and a rope tow. I skied there from age 4 till I was 12, then we moved to Massachusetts. When we drove through the Berkshires on the way to Massachusetts, my brothers and I were SURE we'd never be able to ski such BIG MOUNTAINS! Needless to say, we managed, and quite well...

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I am from Nova Scotia's Elite!! Ski Wentworth!


815ft vertical drop and lots of fun woods runs.

They have one Doppelmayr quad chair, they sold another Doppelmayr Quad in hard times but are sticking a Poma Tbar in it's place this summer. There's a good fast mid 70's Poma T-bar and a rusting condemned Hall Tbar along with 2 rope tows on a beginner slope.

The place is good to ski in peak season with lots of glade runs. I can't say I have ever been that bored when it is over 80% open. It's a pretty good place for our area of the world.
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I grew up skiing(at age 19 3 season ago lol did i start late compared to all my friends) and still work at hidden valley pa. 430 vert 28 trails 3 double 2 triples, a rope tow, a quad and a magic carpet. Very small familiy orentianted place with great snow conditions due to lack of traffic, and lake effect snow. More of a private club feel than a public ski resort most of the time because almost every who skis there falls in to 3 catergories, season pass holders, home owners, and workers(or all of the above). Almost nobody buys day passes there.
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Mahwah, NJ.

Did not ski there growing up but it was local. Did ski there, once (as an adult).

I think it has about 3 runs. Maybe, 290 ft vertical. (At least it's bigger than the PEI hill. Take THAT Canada!) Has one "main" lift. Has a terrain park (now).

The Mighty Gaw!


Ski New Jersey!
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Terry Peak

in the Black Hills of South Dakota. 1100' vertical with 450 acres of skiing. There was a single double chair and a couple of Pomas when I skied there in my early days. They have a couple of high speed quads now.

It's actually a great place to ski. The only drawback is snow. That area isn't a snowbelt and coverage can be thin and the season short.

Haven't been there in years but it would be fun to get back, for old time sake.
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Snow Ridge ski area : 500 vertical LAKE EFFECT dumps
Average Snowfall 230" +/-
Record Snowfall 374"
Average Opening Thanksgiving
Average Closing April 1st
Earliest Opening October 28th
Latest Closing April 28th
Average Days 100+
Record Days 132
Top Elevation 2,000 feet above sea level
Trails 22
Lifts Double Chairs - 4
T-bars - 2
Bunny Tow - 1
Skiable acres 130
Snowmaking Manmade - 50%
Lake Effect - 100%
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How's this for small. I skied here from 3 to 8. It was a great place to learn.

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~400' vert. back in '66 one T-bar and two rope tows.
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The Big "M" Manistee Michigan

My first ski area was the Big M at Manistee Michigan. One chair and one T-bar with some of the best "expert" terrain northern Lower Michigan, 600 vft and no lift lines. Unfortunately, those no lift lines were not conducive to long term survival. It went through a bad patch and closed in the late 70's.
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Crescent hills in that skiing mecca of council bluffs, Iowa (extension of Omaha, NE). 100 vert, 1 Tbar, 1 rope, maybe 3 acres and 100% snowmaking
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I grew up at the mouth of little cottonwood canyon...
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Grew up skiing at Craigmeur. 270 feet vertical. 4 trails. Ski lodge. Rental shop.
1 double chair. 1 t-bar. 2 rope tows. 1 ski jump. Night skiing and snowmaking.

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Mount Brighton Rocks, long live the garbage dump
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Originally Posted by NJSkiBabe
Grew up skiing at Craigmeur. 270 feet vertical. 4 trails. Ski lodge. Rental shop.
1 double chair. 1 t-bar. 2 rope tows. 1 ski jump. Night skiing and snowmaking.

Did you ever watch Art Tokle going off that jump?
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Unfortunately I never saw Art Tokle, Sr. or his son go off that jump. From what I understand Art Tokle, Sr. helped build it.

Art Tokle, Sr. unfortunately passed away at the beginning of March at 82 years old. Unfortunately another great piece of ski history is now lost forever.

Art Tokle, Jr. is President of the Eastern U.S. Ski Jumping Association.
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My home ski hill is the bank of the Mississippi river. Chestnut Mountain by Galena,Ill. It had, at the time 3 rope tows and a chair lift ,that was on a overhead rail. Faster than walking. Vertical drop is around 425. It now has seven chairs , one handle rop tow, and a rope tow. Also has magic carpet. Great snowmaking capabilties and good grooming.
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Mt. Tom, Massachusetts. Itty bitty but fun. About 600 vertical.
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Swain Ski Center, western New York. 600' vert. If you see a fat Puerto Rican dude skiing bow-legged in a Jim Kelly jersey, you know you're there.
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Belle Mountain just north of Trenton NJ .... 150' ..... weeknights.

Like Phil, Timber Hill at 450' on weekends, in Pennsylvania's Poconos.
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The Big VO as we called it.Villa Olivia in Chicago. 180 Vertical feet.. 1 Quad and a bunch of tow ropes
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I grew up on mt Tom as well. I wish I grew up skiing Mad River like my daughter is.

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Craigmeur was great - Hidden Valley - and Vernon Valley/Great Gorge (mountain creek now)

Jersey Rocks!

...and the township recreation trips every sunday to Ski Shawnee, PA was how I learned. The rec. dept. had a bus pick up all the kids who signed up at some early hour in the morning in the high school parking lot of Bernardsville (i was thrilled, my mom didnt look so happy - i think it was 6 or 7am). We'd ski all day until Shawnee closed. 8 or 9 weekends in a row - that rocked!
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Ski Roundtop, Lewisburry, PA

600 vertical feet
100 acres
36 inches of natural
real steeps
good bumps

It's still a great little mountain
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Grew up skiing at Toggenburg Ski Center, in Central NY. Not sure what their vert is, but 24 trails. I can say that they had a terrain park even 15 years ago, though it started out for snowboarders only (that didn't stop me though).


Ahh, I had tons of fun growing up on that mountain.
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