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Ski Shelf Life

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How often do you upgrade/change your skis (pick only one):

- Every year
- Every 2-3 seasons
- Every 3-4 seasons
- Only upgrade when I absolutely have to

And which of the following factors contributes most to your change (pick only one):

- Skill level improves
- Desire for different terrain/activities
- Passion purchase (a cooler product is released)
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I buy about 3 pairs of skis a year, and have for the past 4 years. All either at deep discount, ebay, and used. This year, it's:

188 Dynastar Intutiv BIG, for a light freeskiing ski - bumps, packed trees, billygoating, etc. Used in good shape, $200 shipped.
201 Stockli Asteroids. A BIG, FAST, freeskiing ski. For going fast in pow, crud, scaring people, high angle super g style. Used 4 days (mint), $280 shipped.
190 Atomic Powder Cruise. Won on ebay for like $20, hopefully the guy doesn't flake out and sends them to me, other wise I'll be talking to paypal. Used in good condition. Another powder/rock ski.

Hopefully I should get about 3-4 years out of all of these.
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When to get new skis

1. when you're single: every 2-3 seasons or 100 ski days, whatever comes first
2. when you have kids and no money: every 10 years or whenever the college bills are paid, whichever comes first.
3. When the ski shop won't touch your skis any more because they aren't on the insurance company list Yes, it happens!
4. When Warren Miller starts calling you "Old-Timer"
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Not a bad topic Roto. I personally think that each skier will have their preferences for upgrading. They may all be different. I usually will not do as much of an upgrade, as i will change what im skiing on.

A few season's back i fell in love with Elan SLX's for slalom skiing. I think that you would be hard put to find a better slalom ski (at least for myself). Because i liked them so much i kept the same skis for a few seasons so that i would have the benefit of continuity from season to season as i learned to ski slalom better. At this point i can take just about any ski into a slalom course and make it work well, but i still do much better on the Elans in terms of speed. This season i am however branching out and trying a race stock Nordica Slalom ski.

As far as my GS (giant slalom ) is concerned, i have been switching frequently. I havent found a ski that i have been able to really dial in, like i can on the SLX in Slalom. I have skied on Salomon (retail and stock), Elan, Rossignol, Blizzard, and Fischer (retail and stock). I tend to favor the Elan over the others, but the Salomon runs a very close second. I may make the switch to Nordica for GS next season though.

My freeride skis, and freeskiing skis i will upgrade once in awhile, as they are out dated or i need a ski for another purpose. At this point, the only type of ski missing from my quiver is an Elan S12 type ski, which i think is the ultimate type of ski for eastern conditions and mountains. It is very rare that i have a impulse buy. Typically ill buy for a specific purpose; powder, sl, gs, crud, gs carving (free skiing), rock skis, or slalom carving (free skiing).

So, all that being said, ill vote for: every season, and the desire for different terrain. I do however keep skill level and my size in mind when im making a purchase.


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Originally Posted by tarkulich1
4. When Warren Miller starts calling you "Old-Timer"
that's good!

my rule of thumb: you can always justify a new pair of skis; you just have to get creative!
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Originally Posted by HeluvaSkier
As far as my GS (giant slalom
HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (PS: I knew that one! Props to Roto!)
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Every two years for me.

Main reason is just to get newer design, more tweaked what I happen to be into at the time, and just something different than what I have.

I ski about 40 days a year.
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It depends on how deep my pockets are. Right now there kind of shallow. I have Last years Volkl AX3 and G3's that I bought as leftovers from 01/02 season. My Atomic 10EX's are were the last new pair that I bought from a shop in the Summer of 2001.
I have a 17y/o son who is get ready for college so it may be a while...but I do have a good buddy who that's care of me when it's time for the next ski.
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Every year at least two times, but then again I work in the industry and feel it serves my customers better if I am on the most current skis ( as good a reason as any). For boots it is usually two years, unless somthing really cool comes out.
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Originally Posted by tarkulich1
2. when you have kids and no money: every 10 years or whenever the college bills are paid, whichever comes first.
There's me! I had the cool stuff when I graduated college in '90. Moved to Houston, had three kids, didn't ski at all for 5 years.

Moved to Colorado, but spent all my ski days following the kids (had a rope around their waists when they were about 2.5 yrs. old!)

Hence, I was still on those same Dynastar Course SL's (loved that ski) after 10 years! I even took 'em along last weekend to Copper for my 16 y.o. to try for fun (turned out to be a powder day, so they stayed in the minivan (yes, I have a minivan for a ski vehicle : ))

However, during the past 8 years, I've probably bought 12 pairs of skis - all for one of my three boys. Soon, it's going to be MY turn again!!!!

Oh, and just to make you guys feel good.... I'm still wearing my 1990 state-of-the-art Lange XRI's. I'm thinking they're old enough now, that pink will likely come back into fashion in the next year or two! I'm just slightly ahead of the trend!

Actually, as bad as it sounds, the cool part is that I now have 3 eager ski mates ready to hit the slopes - and I can still outski 1 of them!

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Attacking Mid , I wish I had your maturity. You are a great example of having your priorities right.

Everybody's gear gets to be outdated eventually , you made a better investment in getting your family skiing.
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I try to up grade at least one pair of skis every year. For the most part I keep a pair no more then 3 seasons.
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I get a new pair or two each year.
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Back in my day we didn't have skis, so we cut pieces of plywood & taped our feet to them.

No, not me. Thats something my father say. : : :
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As needed, usually as Volants get updated.
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I buy ski's whenever I can afford it or even if I can't when I absolutely have to. My last purchase, not counting the antique pair or rc4's and antique Blizzard sigma SL (ladies I think) I bought in a church yard sale for $10, was bought in the 1980's.

I get new skis as my needs or wants change. I used to be into speed, and skiing for me was emulating downhill ski racers, I had no interest in bumps at the time. I want a new ski now because my old knees can't hack forcing my 208 super-g racing skis through the bumps, and bumps are about all there is to challenge one on the little hills here in Ontario Canada. I'm not really needing the speed capabilities of super-g racing skis on these hills.

"Ontario bumps not challenging", you say?
That's because you not skiing them like a downhill race. I call my little game in the bumps "playing Tetris". Carve your way as fast as you can through them, until you get a little out of shape, then slow down or brake if you must, and then start all over again. It's great fun, but takes a lot of work with Orc-skis. And it's hard to cheat and reset your edges into a completely new direction while in the air.
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Originally Posted by rayl1964
Back in my day we didn't have skis, so we cut pieces of plywood & taped our feet to them.
2 X 4's are better, more torsional stiffness.

For me every 2-3 years
Improvement in my skiing up until now.

From now on it will be more for different terrain type skis.

ps First turns tomorrow morning of the year - it's been 8 months! I can't wait. :
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Get new skis every year, sell the two year old ones and ski last year's and the new ones in the current year. Skis just break down, lose their zip and edge hold after fifty to sixty days. I diamond edge and wax after every full day, skis need to be maintained like the high performance equipment they are. I hold onto a pair of boots that I like though, unlike demoing and buying skis, going through the whole boot process is a royal pain. Gotta have skis.
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Hi folks.

I've been out of the slopes for the past 15 years or so, because a new (stupid) job that allowed me "freedom" only one weekend out of four (I had to carry a pager 24/7 and had to come in within an hour of a service call". Needless to say that I couldn't ski much... 

Now I have a new job which allows me to go back to skiing! Hurray!!! But...


I have old straight skis, Dynastar Slalom SLS with Salomon 957 bindings. I had been using them 2 times a week for about two years before storing them in 1997.


Out of three shops I went to, two wanted to have no business with those skis/bindings, quick to point me to the $700 skis, and one shop said that there was absolutely no problem, that a good binding tuning, a sharpening and wax was all that was needed. I'm getting new boots whatsoever because my feet have somewhat... expanded... like my belly (Are those related???).


Anyway, what do you think guys? Is it safe to use those skis/bindings, or should burn them in the campfire and get new ones? Could I replace the bindings only?

I don't want to hurt myself nor anybody else while falling... and don't want to walk down the mountain either because my binding let go while in the chairlift.




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Older model 57 and 77 series Salomons are degrading and no longer safe to use unless they are in prestine stored condition. There have been recalls with numerous 57 series models and the 77 series have started to break a lot during the past few years. This is quoted from the chronic monoski.


Personally, I would upgrade from a safety point of view, an injury will end up costing more then a new set of skis and bindings. I think had a pair 957's back when I was on my monoski  which is going back over 20 years ago, not worth the risk. I upgrade skis as needed depending on condition and use which for me is about every 2-3 years. Could care less about the latest gear as long as I'm still enjoying what i have.

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