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Summit County

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I’m going to Summit County in February. I skied Breckinridge, Copper, Keystone, A-Basin and Vail the last time I was there. I’m looking to try a couple of new places in the general area this trip. Any suggestions?
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A-basin, The Legend!!! Also, Eldora or Beaver Creek which is not in Summit Cty, but close to Vail. I am not sure if Eldora is either, but you can get to it off I-70.
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Winterpark. It's not in Summit Co., but it's not far.
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i'd go winter park-1, beaver creek-2 + "the ridge" at loveland 3; in that order; from what is close to you from those others.
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If you have a car and are really motivated, Steamboat is a few hours drive from Vail...
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I'd second Winter Park. Not that snow seems to be an issue, but they are always getting snow!
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Thanks for the kind words so far. I think Marc Guido from FTO said it best in his first post on the forum in that fills a "distinct Internet void". They're simply aren't any Colorado-specific ski forums out there which quite frankly amazes me...

Keep the feedback coming!
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