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Help on Atomic Boots

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I'm looking to buy new boots finally this season. I have a big fore foot and instep so I was hoping to get last years Tecnica Rival X9 w/ the High Volume Liner (they don't have the HVL on this years model), but all the local stores are out of em.

My local bootfitter recommended the Atomic SX:9 boots. They're suppose to have high volume, but I haven't been able to find much info/reviews on these or similar Atomic boots.

Looking for any feedback on these boots.


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surefoot in santa monica....its on montana ave.


They should have something for you.
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You should find a few Atomics out there that are good fits....but that website : , talk about fragmentation of product information!
A well planned website really should have the previous season's products too, although that would allow everyone to recognize some of the re-packaging of a previous year's ski [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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...you should never buy ski boots online... I was only pointing out the website to help find a location.
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I have a high volume forefoot and an extra-tall instep.

Haven't tried any of the SX or Ride boots, but the SL9 felt *almost* right except for a clear, tight line across the top of the instep. Apparently, there's not enough material in the footbed proper to be able to shave it down any further, so the technician refused the sale.
They steered me towards an XWave10, but that was just claustrophobic over the entire foot.
Looking at http://www.bootfitters.com/WHO_IT_FITS.htm I was really curious about the Dolomite Sintesi 9.
Until all this gets solved, I'm just clunking about in my half-size-too-big 11.50s. :
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Originally posted by coppernyc:
...you should never buy ski boots online... I was only pointing out the website to help find a location.
Sorry coppernyc....I wasn't talking about the website you mentioned in your reply, I was referring to Atomic's.

last year's GS:9/11 ?, R:10
this year's R:11

Head and Dalbello have one/some that *sound* good...

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Thanks for the reply guys,

But doesn't anyone know if the SX is similar/larger in volume compared to the Tecnica Rival X9 HVL??

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