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Favorite Trick...err, attempt

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I was just curious what everyone's favorite trick is right now. What skill have you mastered either last year or this year? What's your goal this year? We've all been dreaming about getting back on our ski's and all the 'huge' stuff we're going to hit.

My favorite move that i've mastered is the 270 Flopside Spin. You all might wonder what a 270 is, well, it's really quite simple. First I decide to attempt the 360 (a close relative to the 270), and about mid-jump I subconsiously decide to break my spin, land sideways to the tranny, catch an edge, and flop rather hard onto my side. Snow flies, birds scatter, and all my friends cringe (while laughing). A couple of bruises....but oh the Glory!! Time for another beer.
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A bottle of Johnny Walker and still getting up the next morning to ski. Does that count?

A goal this year is to ski the "19th Hole" from Mad River down to the Barn. We keep saying we are going to do it, but we never have.
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My favorite tricks are 360, 540 and mute grabs. I have landed a 720 once, wrote about it here.
Hoping this year to do 360s with mute grab and also to land 720s consistently.
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cross your skis (whats it called??) and get your pole strap caught in the brake on your skis. jeeze that hurts.
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my best tricks are crosses, and I learned tail grabs last year, and just started to spin again (landing a few 180's). This year, I want to get a couple more grabs, get comfortable spinning 3's (maybe working some grabs in) and learning rails (last year and already this year I've been working on some progressions for jumps, rails, whatnot, and using myself as a guinea pig to see if they work).
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Inside/uphill ski carving, with my outside ski waving to people on the lift. I know is not an arial manuver but it is a fun little trick to be able to do... although your tranitions take a little bit of time, since you have to switch feet. My arial tricks consist of mostly big air and crosses. Once upon a time i was learning to spin, but i havent tackled that in a few seasons. My room mate and i are planning on landing 7's this year when we arent running gates...
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I finally sacked it up and started launching the big tables last season (50 ft). This season I plan to land them switch.

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My favorite trick that I can do is a backflip... There's no rush like the first time you land one, and in all honesty it's probably one of the easier tricks out there because if you make a good jump, you're already a quarter of the way around by the time you leave the ramp, so you just need to continue the rotation!!

Traditionally I only try them when there's loads of powder so if I bail I don't hurt myself, but this past summer I was at Treble Cone and saw some guy throw one off a pretty nice kicker.. So I decided, "Hey! If he can do it, so can I.." I half-landed my first attempt, and fell sideways onto my side, then went for a second crack in front of the camera. This is the result:


A good lesson for any trick.. If you're going to try something, you're better off to go a little too fast and get a little more air than you planned, rather than be a wimp, go too slow and crash hard.. ha ha ha..

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Just curious if you used a tripod for the burst. It looks like the backgrounds align well. I have the Canon G4 and would like to try the same trick.

Speaking of tricks....hucking backflips...with poles..and going uphill???

Downloaded your video from favorite tricks thread http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=20947 , and enjoyed it, but the server took 5 minutes to deliver a 4.6 MB file.
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Can't do too much "jibbing," but love getting huge air. Don't do many tricks, but I finally got to where I can pull a switch 360. I sometimes look like a dying bird falling out of the sky, but I don't really care. I'm not too big into the tricks thing. I like deep pow and catching big air. A 360 is about all I need to have fun with "tricks." Oh yea, and one time I tried rails. WOW, everytime I bust my ass, unless I'm on a little kiddie 10 foot rail that's practically ground level.
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My best trick so far - coaxing my 40 year old body into the air. What I am working on this year - landing. I seem to always 'stick' my landings, that is to say my skis stick right where they land even though I continue on down the hill.
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