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K2 modx

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well after numerous tries I have found the ski. oh yes,the modx....spent last couple of day's at kirkwood.had a blast sking the modx.skied all conditions, fresh track in the morning(floatation was excellent,flexion of the tip and tall was what I was looking for.)powered thru the crud with ease,no problems.hit the bumps and groomers in the afternoon,just had a kickass time with this ski....it has everything the xscream has ,but more floatation and dampening system much more stable at higher speeds.it carved just as well or better.i'll write more in detail later,but at that place where we don't talk about to much in this forum,WORK!!!thanks for everybodies input.
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Same boards I've got. They are saweeet!
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I have them too. They are a gas!
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