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sportube question

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I just bought one of these for a trip to europe in a couple weeks. It came with this clip sort of thing but I dunno if that was intended for travel. I'm worried that it might come loose and then ya got loose skis in the luggage hold.

Anyone experienced with a good way to secure the two ends without using a lock (which I assume security would cut off)? Wingnut screw? rope?

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If you plan to use it extensivly in airplanes then mabye you could fit another latch that is stronger to it using screws that you could cover so that they don't scratch your skis.
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I use a sport tube. What they tell me to do is to put the lock on, but leave it unlocked. They wil lock it before loading it on the plane. Although, last time I did this, my skis were delayed on a different flight and the Valet guys at the vail lodge were somehow able to my skis out without the key. this is probably because its easy to put the lock on without it actually going through the center hole.
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No problems with the clip thing

I've used their clip the past couple of times I've travelled w/o any problems. I never trusted TSA to actually lock the lock properly.

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I just got the clips this year for my tube. I had used a bolt and a wing nut assembly before. The clips work well. If you secured your tube with two clips you would be even more assured the tube would stay assembled.

All the TSA guys say they know how to reassemble the tube. But as you know its very easy to insert the pin or lock without getting aligned with both holes. I always hold my breath at the luggage claim hoping my tube comes out still assembled. So far so good. I had a TSA GUY tell me here in the US there are some cities where you can actually lock the tube and others where it is prohibited. That makes absolutely no sense to me. Without uniformity what's the point?

Use the clips they work and I think they make it easier for the TSA guys to get the tube reasembled.
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OK, here's the deal, first off, don't take with you. I have used the tubes for many years now and never take to the airport. Ship the skis out before you go. Send them to the resort/hotel. I send them UPS economy. Call them abou the cost but I send them form NJ to Colorado for about $40. No problems ever. THen I stuff a buch of suff in the tube so it's less stuff to pack and haul. If yo do want to take to a/port. THe TSA will let you lock. If the A/p has the TSA inspection when you check in , take skis to them, unlaock, have them look, then you can relock. OTherwise, tell the check in person tha they have to be locked to ensure safety of ski becasue the tube will come apart. They can then accomodate you. I strongly suggest shipping them out and back. It's so mcuh easier and they won't get lost!
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Well - mailing is too much of a crapshoot during christmas-time to count on it - and lufthansa would only charge 1/3 of an excess bag for a ski bag ($40 bucks), if they charge anything at all. besides, I don't wanna miss a week of skiing here in the states for some iffy international mailing.

The case only came with one clip...I think I'll attach the clip to a piece of rope and loop it through another hole - and put a bolt and wingnut thru a third hole. maybe I'll even bring a lock to the airport, and ask if they'll let me put it on. I've actually heard of where TSA inspectors couldn't figure out the clip, then cut it off and duct-taped the thing together.

I can just see them yanking the thing apart and trying to figure it out.

ummm....yahhh - - - right up there with the inspectors that say I can't carry flyfishing flies in the cabin, but insist that things like lighters, matches, and small flammables (epoxy repair kits for raft, fire starters, fingernail polish) - have to be carried in the cabin.
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I was assuming you were going domestic here?????? Luftansa? Me thinks not? If intl, scrap the mail thing. Sorry for the bum steer. If Domestically, mail them.I'm shipping mine out on Monday. I have done it every year for 6 years now. Never a problem.
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Get a TSA certified lock so they can unlock and lock it again.
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Originally Posted by Scalce
Get a TSA certified lock so they can unlock and lock it again.
Do you know where you can get TSA certified locks??

: : :
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Most travel or outdoor stores have them.

They all have the TSA red diamond symbol on them.
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I use a twist-tie.
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