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Salomon 1080 boot fit?

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My son bought his first pair of boots (meaning I didn't pay for them) and he was in a lot of pain. They set him really far forward (knee bent) and his calves were screaming after the first day. He went to a boot fitter in town and they actually put his top velcro strap on the inside and he used some trail maps in the front to "push" him back a bit. Anyone have this kind of trouble with these boots? If so, what did you do to fix it?


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you won't have to worry too much, as the liners on those pack out a ton (i had a pair last year). Tell him to try his hardest for about 10 days. They'll pack out to comfort level (or should). Or he's skiing wrong.
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are they to big? the 1080 has almost no foward lean relatively speaking i have found them to be very very high volume and very very soft(softer than SOFT boots if that makes sense)
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Something tells me that it's more than a tight liner that's causing issues. But, that's all I'll say as there are people here much more qualified than I to answer these kinds of questions.

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Nope definitely not too big. I boot fitter had him into the right size. Now granted what we did discover is that his previous boot was 1 1/2 sizes to big : so it may just be adjustment he needs like you said.
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sounds like adjustment period.

a good boot fit puts you in a position where you have a flexed (not bent) knee.

one has to learn to not fight this position but to stand shoulders over knees over toes and just roll the skis on edge. look down the fall line, keep your hands up and your upper body not bent forward or back, but centered over the ski in the way this position dictates. this is the natural ski stance. it hurts at first.

he's adjusting.

once he's comfortable in those boots (break-in period over) organize a private lesson for the two of you - he'll pick even more hints on how this position helps him to ski better.
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