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Beta on Mammoth

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Three friends and I are planning a trip out west the 2nd or 3rd week in March. One of the places we are thinking about is Mammoth. Don't really know too much about it but have heard good things. Any info on terrain, snow conditions in March and lodging/nightlife would be appreciated. We are all very good skiiers who like the steep, deep and off piste. Thanks all.
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Mammoth is one of those place not many East Coasters go for skiing. Mid week Mammoth is uncrowded, delivers a wide range of goods, lots of snow, lots of sun, great ski town and wonderful views. On the weekend the base areas fill up with weekenders from LA, but there is still lots of uncrowded skiing because the place is huge. The LA crowd includes lots of cute betty boarders who will ride in bikini tops when it gets warm and party all night, so it is all good.

Western skiers don't ski when it is snowing and if the wind isn't honking the place turns into a private powder play land. There is powder for days after storms in the widely placed trees on the lower mountain. A powder purest from UT may sniff at the term powder applied to Mammoth, but the 'Sierra Cement' they deride isn't any different than Eastern powder and sticks to all the sick chutes, cliffs and bowls well. If the wind howls at Mammoth during a snow storm and most of the lifts are shut head up the road to June Mtn for some great tree skiing and if it is snowing it may be just you and the ski patrol. June is small, but has some intersting tree skiing, a bowl or two and couple of short steep shots.

Mammoth is in the desert so when it isn't a raging snow storm, it is very sunny. Do it!
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Is the sierra cement pretty much the same as east coast powder?!? That would be pretty heavy snow!
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Altitiude is a huge factor with the 'sierra cement' factor. Wet and sticky at the base can be pretty light up top but perhaps not cold smoke. In the East the moisture content in the snow varies a lot by latitude, Jay can get light powder when further south at Killington it may be sticky.
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We've got passes to Mammoth, so don't come... we like it empty.... Just kidding.

Mammoth is the secrect spot that nobody visits unless they know. The drive is a pain, and a few times a year you can really get skunked as far as snow, but mostly it's about as good as it gets unless you live near Vail or Whistler.

Terrain is as tough as it gets if you are willing to give it a try. Snowfall this year should have every line open in March (They opened October 11 this year with 5 feet of snow for Holloween!).

The top is 11,053 ft, so it's usually cold and the snow is light. We like the wind because it makes great windbuff to float around. After a dump there's lots of pow to be had, but it will get heavy as you move down the mountain. But over night, the wind will blow, and there will be the nicest, lightest stuff in the trees around chairs 12, 13, and 14.

It just dumped another 2 feet yesterday, and it's supposed to snow on and off the rest of the week. So, I'm dying being stuck in San Diego (but the surf is up, so I'll likely survive).

Holidays are not great at Mammoth. The numbers can be annoying, but you can escape and find an empty part of the mountain, except maybe X-mas-New Years. That's when you drive 25 minutes to June Mt. and get away from the masses. June has a nice quiet feel, and the tree skiing is great. Not as much snow or as steep, but also really cool, laid back feeling over there. Your Mammoth ticket is valid at June, so you can see if Mammoth is too busy, and then jump in the car and eat on the way to June and enjoy the quiet over there.

Mammoth has spent a ton on money on high speed lifts and rennovations to the lodges, inn and other facilities. Interwest has supplied the capital, and the locals have had lots of input on how its been spent. Overall it's been a great improvement in the last 5 years. The Village is growing, and the nightlife is fair to good, but not great. But who cares, you will want to be in bed by 9 so you can have 1st lift anyway!

If you get a chance, make the trip... or not. I like to have 1st tracks more than once on a pow day.....
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