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Steamboat questions

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I'll be in Steamboat sometime later in December (still finalizing my plans). Hoping to sample some of the famous champagne powder! What are the best trails for an adventurous intermediate? Also, how are the black trails at Steamboat? Are they hard for a good intermediate? Any info/recommendations would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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I consider myself an "adventurous intermediate" and I had a great time on the blue and black runs coming off of the Storm Peak Express and Pony Express. These areas were never crowded and the snow was great.
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An adventourous intermediate can handle most of the non treed terrain at the boat.

Intermediate Powder Day:

Take to Gondola up and take Rudi's Run to Lightning down to the Storm Peak Express.

Traverse over to High Noon and down to the Sundown Lift and do laps going further right into the O'clocks. And if your still comfortable try Storm Peak Face.

Intro To the Trees.

If Wally World(Sunshine Area), the trees off of Tomahawk & Quickdraw off a nice intro to tree skiing. Also if your comforatble try the trees in Big Meadow and between Calf Roper and Meadow Lane. Triangle 3 is the next progression I think before you hit the Closet & Shadows area.

If Morning Side is open ther are a bunch of short nice pitches in there

Of course this is all my opinion, I am sure you'll get others.

If you have skied Hunter, most of the Blacks are on par with Hellgate and the Hunter West runs.
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Has anyone gone snowcat sking with the Steamboat Powdercats? Any opinions?
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Thanks for the info.

mrryde, that looks like a good plan. Thanks a lot.
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Mojo123, Good advice has been given. About the only part of Steamboat that might give you fits is Christmas Tree Bowl and some parts of the Pony Express lift trails. The rest is fun.

Evidence, I've done the Cat Skiing there and it's great. They will break everyone down into groups of the same ability and that will determine how much vertical and what kind of terrain you will ski. No need for powder skis, they will equipe you.
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