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Cupolos sent Exclusive 10s instead of 9s  

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My girlfriend just paid for Dynastar Exclusive 9s (107-67-93) from Cupolo. They sent her Exclusive 10s (108-67-94) instead. She is an intermediate skier looking forward to an award winning intermediate ski... She hasn't skied in years. She's concerned the 10s might be too much ski for her. Can anyone help us navigate through all of the manufacturer's marketing to decide if the 9s are a better ski for an intermediate skier than the 10s? I'm thinking she may not notice the difference and might benefit from growing into a more advanced ski????? Thanks!!
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Well, my thought is that if you pay for a product, you should get that product, but I can understand if you don't want to deal with the hassle...
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One review gives the 10 one more mark in carving, rebound and quickness over the 9. However, the written review said the 10 is for strong skiers and is still good for traditional technique. The 9 sounded more like a solid damp groomer ski
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I'm afraid I'm not much help with first-hand knowledge about the actual skis: if you're lucky someone else will be.

From a quick look at the Dynastar website (which, incidentally, may be even more irritating than K2's), though they have similar footprints, they look to be different skis in a number of ways: e.g. the 10 has an integrated plate, the 9 has a raised heel, the construction is different .... Dynastar's pitch is that the 10 is for: "Very good women skiers looking for a high-performance, all-purpose ski to carve performance turns on all kinds of terrain," which doesn't sound quite like what you're looking for.

You probably know more about the ski you wanted than I do (you certainly know more about your girlfriend). If you thought the 9 was the right ski for her, and you paid for the 9, you should get the 9. If it were me, I'd probably insist they send the 9, and you can send the wrong skis back to them when they arrive. You've got some leverage through eBay and your credit card company (if you paid with a credit card).
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Per Peter Kelty:

"Good, user-friendly groomer cruiser, even OK in mild bumps. For the strong female skier interested in high performance carving and/or working on skills, we suggest testing "mainstream" (as opposed to female-specific) carvers like the Skicross 9 or Omecarve 9 or 10. "

He seems suggesting that stronger women skiers should move up a line to the models mentioned (which he rates at higher skill levels).

Happy decision making.
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Originally Posted by sjjohnston
From a quick look at the Dynastar website (which, incidentally, may be even more irritating than K2's)
sjjohnson ... you are SO right! i HATE that website. flash is great, but jeez, a site shouldn't be ALL flash, as it's very tedious to wait for the loading when you just want a little information.

Originally Posted by sjjohnston
u probably know more about the ski you wanted than I do (you certainly know more about your girlfriend).
Now THAT'S a funny comment.

Oh, and as far as the original question goes ... I would personally just stick with the 10's and avoid the hassle. I don't know as much about construction and technical info as others on this board, but I would be willing to wager that the skis aren't going to be THAT much different for her, and what the heck, maybe she will be able to ski the 10's for longer than the 9's?

Incidentally, my wife skis the ExclusiveCarve's, Dynastar's top-of-the-line woman's race carver, and she loves them. They are really a very fast ski she says. And given that when she skis either the Dynastars or Elan S-series (demoed), I couldn't keep up with her (though I could when she was on Fischer, Rossi Bandit and Salomon crossmax) there is likely something to it.

So if the ExclusiveCarve is the high-end, then my guess would be the 10 isn't too much ski for an aspiring carver. The Exclusive series doesn't match the "mainstream" series identically in nomenclature. In other words, the Exclusive 10 isn't the female version of the Omecarve 10, it's actually a more forgiving ski than the 9. In skipress 2004 reviews, they linked the Omecarve 9 with the ExclusiveCarve. So by extension one could reasonably assume that your girlfriend was sent the intermediate woman's ski, not an advanced ski.

I hope this helps. Private message me if you want more info.

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I would keep the 10. My girlfriend who is not much of a skier has a pair of the 10's. I bought them for her for her birthday. She is planning ont aking lessons and greatly improving her ability this year, so i opted for the ski that will let her grow as much as possible. The 9 is a good ski, but the 10 is by far a better ski. It has slightly better construction (sidewalls) and has the advantage of the integrated autodrive plate. The Exclusive 10's that i bought came from Cupolo's as well. I however, purchased them at the store. If you had been sent the Carve, like Roto said, i think you would have reason to be concerned. The 9 and 10 however are so close in performance and design that you will probably be better off in the long run with the 10 (by you i mean your girlfriend). It should have plenty of low-end performance to allow her to ski on it before she is a well developed skier. My girlfriend claims that she is going to try to out grow hers within a season or two... i told her if she did that i would upgrade them for her gladly... since if she outgrows them she will probably be a pretty good skier, which is always nice to have since i spend 60 - 70 days on snow a year.
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another reason you should stick with the 10's is that it sounds a bit risky that your girlfriend will ever receive her 9's should you send the 10's back!

by the way, you have done what was once thought to be impossible, you have gotten me and Heluva to agree on something!

also, my hypothesis -- though i am sure i am in the minority here -- is that if the AVERAGE skier skied 5 reasonably comparable pairs of skis without being told what each product was, who it was designed for, who made it, etc., the differences between them would be minor.

All of these companies know what the others are doing, and nobody is THAT much more sophisticated than anyone else. The laws of physics are fixed, and every ski company designs off of those laws. Sure some use different construction, make slightly different shapes, different binding systems, etc., but the goal of these designs is the same accross all companies. They just take a little different route to get there.

Don't read too much. She'll be fine on the 10's. You'll see.
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Thanks! We heard a lot to reassure our impressions that most of the substantial differences are in manufacturer marketing. Hopefully by the time she gets to the point that she can tell the difference, she will be showing the 10s who's boss. We're keeping them!
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