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Bandit X or XX as tele ski?

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Does anyone have any experience with either of these as a tele ski? I've heard good things about the Bandit X. I ski about 80/20 between resorts/backcountry and split my time evenly between the east and west. I had been on Dynastar ATV's (197cm) and after ripping out the binding am spending my time on Tau Razor's. Any info would be much appreciated...thanks
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still a foam core ski, this means the binding will rip out easier

i only ski wood core skiis tele because of this

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Any recommendations in a similar ski?
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I ski a XXX tele and a lot of people around here do also. Never seen a binding pull out of one of those. I think that in addition to being a foam core, the XXX has a metal sheet -- and I suspect that the other Bandits have a similar comstruction. Might check on that (the metal would help hold the binding in).
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Have you heard of the Rossi Big Bang? Its a modified XX (Couloir November 2000). Removed the metal shanks. Rated high in their review.

After 15 yr of tele only I have picked up a pair of 99/00 XXs for alpine (thanks bandit_man). Great skis, but Im not sure I could drive em tele, particularly drive the back ski, albeit I tend to get too low and lose leverage on the back one (No way could I handle the XXX). Current tele gear is K2 Piste Stinx- been skiin em for 3 yrs and have had a blast.
I must admit the notion of Tele on Alpine is intriguing. It seems the K2 ModX might rip free heel.
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See if you can get AC's attention. He was tele skiing the XX's.
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I tele on the PowerKarve from Volant myself. It is very simular to the XX in shape. I really like that ski for all mountain. I tele in area most of the time and have really enjoyed them. I skied the XX on alpine and they felt really nice, as well as the PK for alpine, I think that you would have a good time on the XX, It will be a little lighter than the PowerKarve that I tele on.
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my personal favorite ski for tele is the Volkl G41. It truly rips! I have been on them all year and with the exception of hard groomer and ugly bumps is a great all around ski as well. It has a wood core and a titanium sheet. Usually i try to avoid foam core's and metal sheets. I have a tendency to pull bindings out of foam cores and to bend skiis with metal sheets. I was a little leary of the ti sheet inthe G41, but figured since ti has alot of memory, it will be less likely to bend permenantly.

It sounds like you are looking for a slightly narrower ski with more cut, so check out the K2 world piste or super stinx if you like a tele specific ski or a Volkl G31 if you prefer an alpine ski. Personally i think the G41 is a fabulous powder ski, the best funky snow ski ever made, and a good all around ski.

Hopefully we will get in some more powder testing tomorrow!

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after re reading your post, i bet the G41 will be a great ski for you!

though it is heavy for BC, that doesn't really bother me too much.

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