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Tecnica Alu or DPXR Hot Form?

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I'm looking for new boots. I like Tecnicas Icon series and have found some good deals on left overs. I'm an agressive skier and want an all mountain boot. My options are between The DPXR Hot form or the Alu Ultrafit. I'm 6"1", 175 lbs. I'm a fit strong skier who cycles and runs all year.

The DPXR hot form seems nice but should I get the stiffer Alu ultrafit boot?
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couple of differences here.

Liners: the hot form will afford a longer "feel" to the fit once it has been "hot formed" at a dealer ( really do this if you get these boots - it makes all the difference in way the liner feels). it will also seem to hold your heel-area better. it's a great liner. the ultrafit liner is slightly lighter and will fit a little shorter. also a great liner. so, from a liner standpoint, if you need a little extra length, the hot form is the way to go. i downsized alot of people a shell size with the hot form liner in the icon series (the opposite is now the case with the diablo - easier to downsize with an ultrfit liner, or seems to be the consensus at least).

Shell: you can make a DPXR just as stiif, in theory, as the alu. but that means locking the cuff out. the DPXR can be made into a lot of boot from it's high-advanced base level. if your're super aggressive, the Alu is the way to go. if you're a little less on the aggresive side, get the DPXR.

knowing the boot you are getting out of would most likely be the clincher here.
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Nordica N981's with old kastle rx 12's. I just bought some 175 machete soul's and look pivot bindings from REI and I am looking for new boots. So, everything is changing. The old N981's are pretty stiff.
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my young mind can't place the boot, though if it was the stiffest of the group it was from and you want that same feel, it's alu time!

i believe you will have a similar fit.
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If my old memory still works I seem to recall that the Nordica 981 was the retail race boot when it was around. Red and white I think?
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The N981 was white with a red highlights 4 buckle conventional entry work horse of Nordicas line up in the mid to late 80's. It was a retail racing boot, but I think nordica made a limited number of a full blown racer in black?
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