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A need new ski's fast

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Last week my ski's got stolen on the piste in Flaine (France) :. They were a pair of Head Cyber X80 from last season. I really liked them. After they got stolen I rented another pair, Atomic's 9.11 slalom ski's. I enjoyed them, loved the fall line skiing. Now I'm looking for a new pair of ski's to buy but I can't really decide what to get. I like to ski steep slopes, I prefer bumbs over grooms. I go off piste a lot but since I'm only skiing one or two weeks a year I'm not always skiing in deep snow (but I enjoy that a lot).

My local store suggested a race carver to me or the Head Cyber XP70 (because it
supposed to be close to my old ski). I myself thought that the Head Cyber
XP100 would be a good choice since it's a combination between a slalom and a offpiste ski but tests say it's not good for bumbs and it's very hard to ski fallline. Maybe I should buy a slalom ski (Head Slalom Worldcup Ti) but how bad is that in bumbs and deep snow (I skied in bumbs with the Atomic and that wasn't that much of a problem). I'm a excelent skier (although I live in the Netherlands and we don't have
mountains). The problem is that I can't just try out a few ski's because I'm not in the mountains except for 2 weeks of vacation every year.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Next week I'm off to Tignes
(France) and I hope to use my new ski's, although they need a bit of snow
over there.

Oh yeah, they don't have to be Head's

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Welcome EZZ

If your whole season is 2 weeks of vacation, why not rent Hi Performance demos? then you can get what you want for the conditions that present themselves.

If I were doing destination/vacation skiing in 1 week blocks, I would probably not purchase new equipment. It would take so long to get the value back and you could ski on the latest/greatest equipment every year.

Just a thought.

If you go to Whistler for instance, 6 days comes out to a total of 114 CDN for Hi performance skis.

Of course this year I took up ski instruction so I have proforms avail. It's real tempting to get more "stuff"
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