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Sunshine conditions: Goat's Eye

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Has anyone here skied Goat's Eye yet? Is there good skiing to be had there, or is every run an obstacle course of rocks?
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i was there sunday(SSV) the old mountain was great for November. Goats eye looked crappy from the gondola(very visible rocks).
personally i don't know why anyone would ski goats eye the local ski techs call it "the place where skis go to die..."
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One of Goat's Eys's main selling points is the amount of skiing that can be had from one lift. It's a big area that's serviced with a fast lift, so it's easy to get in a lot of vertical. And, unlike Angel and Continental Express, everything on Goat's Eye is downhill; no skating or traversing required. I had some great skiing there last year.
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Goat's Eye still needs a fair bit more snow. It's usually into the new year before there is enough to ski on. At least on the lines worth skiing. Good news is that this years early snow was pretty dense so it hasn't been blown off as much as usual. Hopefully it will be good earlier than normal this year.
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How about the other runs?

As the title says. Since I sprained my mcl at the bottom of Red 90 on the first day Angel was open, I'm going to wait awhile before doing Goat's Eye. How are the runs off of Divide chair just in case the physiotherapist gives me the green light for next week?
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I'll get back with an update on Sunshine conditions in a couple of days (probably Thursday night)
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Well, actually took a run on Goat's Eye today. Do yourself a favour and don't bother. The only run open is Sunshine Coast and from the cat track down, the conditions are mediocre at best. The good news is that the upper portion of the hill is filling in quite nicely for so early in the year. A couple of snow falls and we should be able to ski a fair bit of the hill. Keep your fingers crossed!
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Conditions are good at Sunshine. It's snowing, looks like it will snow into the night.

It was very windy, but Goat's Eye and Wolverine were fine (Goat's Eye was actually quite calm, and they opened some more runs). Because of the wind, Angel, Continental Express, and Teepee Town lifts were closed all day. If the wind dies down, there should be good skiing off of those lifts tomorrow.

All in all, quite good coverage. Not too many rocks showing, still lots of snow.
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Knee recovered--ready to go--Goat's eye here I come

Sounds like things have really gotten better during my enforced two week absence. I'll rent a brace next week and see if I'm going to be able to ski well enough to take my discount lesson on the 11th, or whether I should just sit it out until I get back from Christmas in Florida.
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as with most things at SSV at ANY time of year, if it is groomed it is safe to ski, but if you expoler you will find some nice fresh tunes and some rocks.

I has some great tunes on GE today near the wild wild west closed area. Shoulder was good too and yes I hit some rocks and got some nice turns too,
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Skiied some runs on GE on Sunday. Was pretty good. Skied the run under the chair all the way to the bottom. i don't think I've ever done that before as it never looked worthwhile. If you don't care what you'll hit its all pretty good. So far this year I think I've repaired 10-12 core shots , probably about 12 " of cuts/gouges that were worthwhile to repair and have one compressed edge ~1" long. Also taken off about 1/2lb of iron filings trying to keep edges sharpish.
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