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Pre skis

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Trying to advertise a used pair of "PRE" skis for sale. I heard that PRE was made by K2. Does anyone have any information on the manufacturer of these skis.
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advertise them as wall decorations. In today's technology that's what they are good for.

I loved them for the time they were out but I sure would not consider skiing on them or recommending them to anyone these days.

Anyone that would want them should know about any history and mfg..

just my thoughts.. <FONT size="1">

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By the way, Welcome aboard silverbullet.

I was not trying to drive you off. I just don't think you will have much luck selling those skis for use in today's market.
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Pre was owned by K2, but if I am not mistaken most of their skis wear made in either the Head or Elan factories.
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I think the company name was either historic or new ski technology. With PRE in the front.
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I don't think they'd do even for wall decor. They were pretty ugly skis. You'll probably find ski collectors somewhere, tho - ebay?
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The way I heard it was that Chuck Ferries(a Yooper eh) was insturmental in the first K2 fiberglass ski. When he left he founded the PRE ski company(hearsay only).
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The year I skied GSPs they were made by ELAN. If you payed attention to the shapes you could see what manufacturer made which ski. I never skied anything else by PRE.<FONT size="1">

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You are correct. Pre (Precision Ski)was founded by Chuck Ferries who later bought out Ed Scott of Scott Poles.<FONT size="1">

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