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To all East Coast Skiers:

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Will you be heading out West this ski season?

If so when and where

I'll be heading out to Colorado to ski Breckenridge, Vail, and Keystone from February 8-13.
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I'm heading to Utah for 6 days to ski Solitude, Brighton and Alta. Leaving tomorrow. First time there!

Headed to Colorado for PMTS Camp in late January at Sol Vista. Will probably also ski Loveland and Winter Park in that 8 day period.

Tentatively planning to join a buddy in Utah on Feb 11 for 3 days, locations TBD.

Will try and sneak in 3-4 days in Colorado early April. Most likely A-Basin and Loveland or wherever conditions are best and crowds least.
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I've already had one day at Copper and hope to get a couple more there this season when I have to go to Denver on business.

I also have a trip to Silverton and Telluride in late Feb.
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Jackson Hole, last week of January.
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Park City area Jan. 8-15
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3 trips planned...

We will be heading out west from NC on the following trips:
1. The whole family (wife, 5 year old son, my parents) will be making our yearly pilgrimage to Alta in late Jan. for 9 days.
2. My wife is attending a conference at The Canyons in Park City in early march. My son and I will probably tag along for a few days.
3. The wife, son and I are heading to Colorado in late March for 5 days (saw $112 tickets on sale last month and couldn't pass them up). We will probably ski Loveland and one other ski area.
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Heading out to Panorama (from Ontario) with my Dad in February for 5 days (including 3 of heli-skiing, whoohoo!).
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I'll probably ski more West than East this year, already got 3 days in Nov. in UT
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we might ski bir white at the end of march...we dont know yet though.
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I am heading out to Banff the first week in January.

I am very lucky, the company I work for is having its annual sales meeting there. I am extending my visit for a couple of days.

I hope to enjoy Sunshine and Louise.

First time out west in a couple of years.
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I'll be in Whistler about 6 weeks this season. 1st trip coming up December 24.

Any we're not East Coast skiers, currently East Coast hikers. When is it going to snow? My two days at Tremblant this season have been less than satisfying.
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Leaving for SLC on Jan. 7th returning (tentatively) on the 20th; if i can I may stay a few extra days. I plan driving to Jackson Hole for a 3 day trip. After that “maybe” a Colorado shorter trip sometime after the “biggest” snow dump of the season Will see…

The way this weather has been I don’t see any hope in sight for an epic snowy winter here in the East but I so wish for the first time to be dead wrong.
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Utah Feb 12-19, with thirty or so other members of the club.

Think they'll have snow?
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Solitude next week baybee...
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Heading home to Utah (born-and-raised there) from January 6-11. Gonna ski at least 3 days while I'm out there - can't do the whole lot due to family stuff. However, the lodging will be free at mom's house, so who's to complain?
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Jackson Hole last week of January.
Snowbasin, PowMow, Alta, last week of February
Aspen first week of April
Hopefully a short trip to Colorado in March.
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Winter park 12/25-12/31
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Whistler December 26-Jan 2. How psyched am I???
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Whistler Feb 5-12
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Brighton & Snowbird a month ago. Might be my only turns this year. :
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Most likely tahoe and little cottonwood.

I always have luck when I go to utah, seems to always snow just before I go... I probably just cursed myself, ha ha

Think snow for the east.
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No, I'm not goping West, but I am going East.... to Austria in January.
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No west this year for me, unless some additional $$ comes up that I was unaware of. But, I will be in Vermont for 3-4 trips.
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Heavenly/Tahoe 13-19 March. Birthday gift to myself!!
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I leave in 2 weeks for Summit County. (12/18 -23) Never been there, and haven't been on skis in 20 years. Guyfriend has me all full of anticiption about this. Getting brand new boots fitted 3 weeks ago only made it worse. It's so bad that I may even go to Snowshoe for opening weekend lessons, just to help kill the anticipation. Impatience is one of my worst character flaws!
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Yes, hopefully to Idaho for USCSA Nationals, and then to Keystone, Breck, Vail, and A-Basin for spring break the following week.

This is a good thing since ski season on the east coast has apparently been canceled this year.


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Whistler dec 26-jan1st
Beaver Creek 2days jan 17th weekend
7 days in BC, not sure where we are going yet. in late march.
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2 to 4 trips


LCC 2/22 - 2/26
Vail, Beaver Creek, Wolf Creek 3/18 - 3/26


Vail- Sometime in January
Spring Skiing wherever there is snow in April...Squaw maybe?

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Wow a lot of travel wife, daughter, and I are headed to Jackson Hole Jan.3-9. Just had knee arthroscopy so I'll be doing some conscientious PT in the interim.
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Should be out to Tahoe end of Jan-early Feb.
As for the east....
...anybody know a good bevel for indoor carpet?
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