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Do you book travel online?

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Interesting...but when I searched their site (the mobissimo one) they still crawled right over to travelocity!
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So which is the best one?! I've been procrastinating about booking a flight from LAX to a snowy place in the US and really should get onto it today. Last time I checked Travelocity there were some OK ones...procrastination is a terrible thing.
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In hindsight... boy where these dark ages dealing with live travel agents for nothing else but making reservations you can look up yourself now. Even worse they usually didn't have a clue where you were going... how could they... they work in their shop and don't travel...
Since then... Arranging air travel I was never really happy with the results of travel agent type web sites. Exception: Expedia, up until two years ago. They suck now too. I haven't booked a tick through any of these services for over two years now. I almost always found a better deal through the airlines' original web sites. It's a lot of work shopping like this, but it saved my 100's of $$$ and I find more itenaries to choose from.
Rental cars it's slightly different whereas hotel stuff still goes through Expedia hotels.com and the like.
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Being somewhat of a frequent traveler for work, here's my two cents:

- Corporate travel web sites, used for weekday business travel, oft times give nice rates for leisure travel, such as when renting a car, use the corporate agreement, to get the negoiated rate. Conversely, corporate travel web sites are absoutely terrible for business travel. It's an irony that generates a lot of discussion among coworkers.

- The best way to compare prices is to use Expedia, Orbitz, and Travelocity, all at the same time. There's nothing stopping you from having three browser windows all opened at the same time, and use all three to look for the best deal on hotels/airfare/cars. Usually, one of the three sites will have a real good deal on something, and it will be obvious. Beware Expedia, with hotel rooms, though. They buy rooms in blocks, and you get charged for the room right away, not when you check in, even if you don;t check in.

- Travel Bidding sites (priceline.com, etc.) are very useful if you have knowledge of the hotels in the area, specifically what star rating (2,3,4) they fall into. BiddingforTravel.com and betterbidding.com have forums where people post what their bid results were, i.e., you get to see what bids were accepted or rejected. BiddingforTravel has a developed a bad rep, of supressing or modifying information, though. Still, interesting to see what others say there.

- johnnyjet.com has a huge amount of speciality web sites listed, you have to dig down through all the gunk to get to them, though.

- There a new website named kayak.com that is getting a lot of buzz, it's supposed to be competition for Orbitz and Travelocity, was started by former employees from both places.
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I used to love Priceline, I used it in the States for hotels. Then they stopped letting you use credit cards with a non-US address. It's very hard to find out if they let us use foreign cards again.
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Saved thousands

Booked through the net alluradirect for accom in whistler and on Ozzy travel web site for flights. I was told by a reputable travel agent that they couldn't get even close to what I was able to get through those two means.
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I've been booking all my trips online for the past several years and from time to time checking with local travel agents. Orbitz is consistantly thebest for deals and service although, it seems like Travelocity has been beating them on the latest couple. I've also used Expedia with success.

VRBO.com is the best outlet for booking Condos online. With Priceline, you never know what to expect till you click buy.
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I use the beverly hillbillies travel agency. Load up the truck with all kinds of sht tie to it, a bed in the back and head west.
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Originally Posted by Pierre
I use the beverly hillbillies travel agency. Load up the truck with all kinds of sht tie to it, a bed in the back and head west.
You could at least list the url for them. Better not, you'll be getting reservation requests from the masses.
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I have used them all, I have never been able to identify a service which always has the lowest prices. I have however found the best prices on flights using Hotwire; Hotwire is different because you can't choose the airline or what time of day to fly. Sometimes its best to go directly to the airline or hotel.

I routinely find better prices for hotels online. I often get higher price quotes when I call the hotel. (without haggling)
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