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Newbie seeking equipment help

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My girlfriend and I have both taken up jobs and moved to Norway and now that winter has arrived and the snow has started to fall we are looking at taking some ski trips with our Norwegian friends. Neither of us has ever been skiing as we both grew up in the southern US so we dont have any equipment or knowledge of it. The primary form of skiing is cross country but on a few occasions we are going to some downhill places, but I imagine that the clolthing could not be that much different. We are looking for kind of a basic listing of what, in the way of clothing and equipment, that we might need. I think for now that we are going to rent skis, boots and things like that but its the clothing that we really need help with. The weather over here is pretty cold, -20s C where we are going downhilling, so that might come into play also. Again we just need a list of what we need and we are starting out with nothing except for some North Face jackets that I think will be fine. Also any brands or stores that have good deals would help. Everything over here costs about 3 times as much as in the states so we can get someone to ship it to us. Thanks for your help.
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Good shell jacket and pants. No Cotton and a lot of layers.

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I went through this exercise several years ago when I moved to Germany and we (me, wife, three kids) all went skiing for the first time. So here's my list (in addition to the good jacket and pant shells noted by Skeemeister):

* Good ski gloves, with removable liners, and cuffs that come 3 or 4 cm up your arm
* Good ski socks, medium or heavy weight. One pair for each day. I like Hot Chilli's.
* Fleece neck tubes (instead of neck scarves)
* Medium weight base layer, top and bottom, close fitting (again, no cotton)
* Good thick knit hat that covers your ears
* For layering, a good lightweight fleece shirt
* And if it's -20C, another good, medium or thick fleece shirt or sweater
* Ski googles (worth it for comfort, especially if it's cold and windy)

Since you're out of the country, places like REI (www.rei.com) have web sites and offer a pretty good variety of fleece wear, socks, gloves and such at fairly reasonable prices.

Good luck, and enjoy!
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