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Looking for new skis

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I'm looking for an upgrade, I have been skiing for about 5 years so I would consider myself an advanced indermediate to advanced skier. I found these on eBay and am wondering if they are a good pair, 536&rd=1 . Also I can't tell if these are men's or women's skis or if it even makes a difference. Also if anyone can gives me suggestions on skis that are good to look at please let me know. Thanks!
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It would help to know how big you are. In shape or desk jockey? How many days a year do you ski? Ski in the east or the west? What runs do you ski most, green, blue, black, off piste, bumps or groomed? Powder or ice? As far as that ski goes the guy sure chats it up like it's a godsend to skiing yet I work in a rental shop and I've never heard of it. Saying it's designed to take over the mid range rental market isn't exactly high praise any ways. Saying it's well suited up to and including advanced skiers would also be a stretch I'm sure. Other than that I'm sure it has a real tough top sheet and it's kinda purty.
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That ski is a cheap ski made for rental fleets. Foam core cheaply made ski. I won't waist my money. If your upgrading what are you up grading from? Like L7 said in order to give you some idea of what skis to recommend we could use some info. Skis that work for me here in Utah might just suck for someone in Vermount. A ski that works for someone 150 lbs might fold on a 200 lbs skier. A really Great powder ski won't be the best for hard pack. Well You get the picture. Post some more info and you will get all sorts of skis to look at.
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